My 6-year-old daughter is scared of her room: Advice?

Need advice because right now I’m at a loss. My daughter is six years old and for some reason, is scared of her room. She just got a brand new bed and will still come into our room a few times a night, saying she is scared. I can’t keep her lamp on because then she won’t go to sleep at all. I got her a big new LED night light, didn’t help. I just hung Christmas lights up in her room for extra light, had her help me check for ‘monsters’ under her bed, and her closet, and she still came to me tonight and said she was scared, and I have no idea why. I don’t like her sleeping with me unless she has a bad dream or if she is really not feeling good because I want her to have that independence of sleeping in her own bed, especially at her age. But I can’t figure out what to do to stop her from being scared. (which there is nothing to be scared of)


Following, same problem here!

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Put on some white noise like a fan or soft rain sounds. Same problem with my son for awhile. I think it was too quiet. They hear every noise and crack so can be creepy to a kid. Lol


We have monster spray! (Bottle water lavender few sequins) my boy gets in bed nd a squirt where he wants me too worked for a while now because mister don’t like nice smelly things :wink:


Is it all bc of the new bed? If so then there’s nothing wrong with telling her she’s being ridiculous and getting punishments for coming out of her room after lights out.


We got some monster spray. Doesn’t matter what you spray so long as they can’t read the label. Let them help spray CBC under the bed an all around. This spray will keep monsters awY from the room

I had the same problem when my son was about the same age and asked a sleep therapist what I could do. He told me to hang a couple of dreamcatcher up in his room and believe it or not it worked. I was amazed.

I used to go through a “search ritual” with my son every night. We’d look under the bed together. See? No monsters. We’d look in the closet. The toughest. No monsters. Then he’d go to sleep.

I moved my daughter into my room. Just her bed…I let her decide when she was ready transition…

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Weird question but are you diffusing/using lavendar in her room? It CAN have a reverse effect t on some. It cause my son to have horrendous nightmares that started about that age. Hes now 8, almost 9 and we still cant use it!

The toy chest. Wherever he wanted to look.

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I have an led nightlight that plays ambient sounds. But I also gave my daughter a very special scary stuffed animal, whose only job is to eat bad guys.
And I tell her to call our dogs cause they will help.
But I always let them into my bed. They will only be little for long and I may lose sleep, but momma is always there for hugs.


Are you religious? Have a priest come and bless your home, every family member and in particular your daughter.


Smudge her room with sage. It helps cleanse the energy


She will eventually go to sleep with lamp on

Monster spray works miracles!

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Try diffusing lavender, reading to her, possibly a weighted blanket and I would put a salt lamp in her room!!

I was scared as a little girl and we didnt know why. Not even me. My mom didn’t do much in the way of comforting, and I eventually got past it. Not saying that’s the right way to handle it but…

Get a spray bottle and put some essential oils, lavender/eucalyptus/ylang ylang/mandarin/Jasmine, all have calming effects, mix with water and when she gets anxious tell her to spray a few sprays and take some deep breaths. Ypu can tell her it’s a prescription to take away the salaries( you can ever get creative and print a sticker that has the prescription on it!. The scents will sooth and calm her and her deep breaths will calm her also


She could just have separation anxiety, my son did he is five, maybe just stay in the room till she falls asleep, I let him have his tv on at night it seems to do the trick he has lapses here and there but it’s working out for the most part

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