My 6 year old has been having restless nights: Advice?

Hi Mamas, so my almost six-year-old daughter has been having restless nights for a while now. She falls asleep easily, but after about an hour or less, she would get startled and thrash around and sometimes cries. This happens more than one times during the night sometimes. Has anyone experienced this? What can I do to change her sleep pattern?


Could be night terrors just comfort her and rub her back try not to fully wake her. Just re assure her she’s ok

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I had the same problem with 4 year old. Bought Melatonin chewable 1mg give to her 1/2 before bed .Sleeps like a baby every night.

Does she snore or breathe with her mouth open at night? We use to think our son was having nightmares, he would come in bed with us and toss and turn all night. We always described it as a drunk octopus looking for his lost keys :rofl: He would snore SO LOUD, like wake me up loud. He also had constant ear infections. Took him to ENT, they suggested tubes (for his ear infection) and to have his adenoids and tonsils removed because they were so large. BEST DECISION EVER! Our son sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG, not one wake up (over 4 months now). And when he wakes up in the morning, you can tell he had a solid night of sleep, whereas before he would be groggy from not getting quality sleep. Turns out he would stop breathing at night for a split second, that caused the waking up screaming and crying (we had a sleep study done b4 deciding on surgery)

All three of my kids did that about the time they started school, turned out they were having anxiety issues and bad dreams, I gave them a cup of chamomile tea before bed. Put a stuffed guard dog beside of their bed told them that the dog will protect them in their dreams, it worked.

She may not be being active enough during the day. Sounds like she’s either not tired enough or having nightmares. Melatonin makes nightmares worse, so be careful!

Call your child’s doctor. You will want to rule out any medical reason for it before trying over the counter sleep aids.

Sleep apnea or night terrors. Apnea can cause the terrors. That’s what my 6 year old was dealing with until he had his surgery. Id ask to talk to a doctor and get an ENT specialist to assess.

Yes, my daughter had this for a few years. She had night terrors. Honestly, I just tried to comfort her when she would have them and sometimes when I would wake her up during then she would freak out for an HR or more. Her doctor told me not to wake her while she was in one. She grew out of it though. Good luck just try to be patient with her. See if their is any good herbs you can put her on for calming

My son had trouble staying asleep. So one day I burned a lavender candle about a hour before bed. When he went to sleep he was out and did not wake up until the next morning. See if you can find lavender spray or a candle that smells great and is not to over whelming. Have your child spray the monsters away and they might get a good night sleep.

Growth spurts. They cause takes legs/ leg cramps and change how well they sleep in general. Try rubbing lotion on her legs when she first lays down, she will probably still wake up but that made my daughters not as bad. When she wakes rub her calves also


First reassure her you are there.
Then make an appointment with peditrician.
Ask what is safe products, melitonin?
Could it be growing pains? Has any household dynamic changed.
Make her as comfortable as possible and relaxed before bed. When and if it continues, reassure her that you are there and put her back into her bed. Sit with her until asleep.

Dont let her eat late…and a glass of warm milk

My son does that when he has to go to to the bathroom really bad but he doesn’t go In the bed… try waking her up to go to the bathroom… it was really odd until I figured it out

Melatonin for children

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She could be experiencing night terrors. They are horrible and my brother went through that when we were younger. I suggest taking her to the pediatrician and have her checked out and look into natural options to help her sleep.

Night terrors possibly

Is someone letting her watch or hear scary stories? Try a sweet story with a happy ending or a warm milk with a family story that is happy.

Is she in daycare where she is being touched inappropriately or bullied

Zarbee melatonin Walmart Target. My grandsons take it all natural . Helps kids fall asleep