My 6 year old is angry all the time: Thoughts?

My 6yo is just angry ALL the time. I talk with him, says nothings wrong. Ask if he’s having trouble at school with friends, nope says everything is great. He asked how the work is (legitimately worried he’s bored), and he loves it. But the second something doesn’t go his way; he screams this is the worst day ever, stomps off to his room, and slams the door.So talking doesn’t work. Yelling doesn’t work. I ive took away his devices, no change. I spent multiple days in a row bending backward to do anything and everything he wanted without a breather for myself because I thought he needs more attention, but still no. I feel like I’m out of options for him, I’m exhausted, im crying about it… he’s such a smart kid but I can’t handle this.

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What do his teachers say? Is he any extracurricular activities that could serve as an outlet?


Take him to a children’s psychiatrist for an evaluation


Have you thought of therapy?


Sounds like my 14 year old with the exception of slamming doors. With my daughter I’m thinking therapy so she can learn to express herself. She too says nothing is wrong. But since she’s older comes to a point that she says she does not know how to express what she’s thinking. So my best best is taking her to therapy.

Gonna take years. Be patient and dont yell, it will get worse. Been through it but was emotionally exhausting. He needs help and it wont happen with anything but talking and encouraging reflection over and over. If I had to do it over again I would take my kids to hypnotherapy and let them learn control skills and relaxation.

Does he eat sugar/ Have you tried ignoring him.

Preteen changing over to a teenager his hormones are going crazy this will pass just give him time and don’t put so much thought out there and stop looking for something to be wrong . Gone through this a few times myself first time I was just like you and driving myself crazy till his pediatrician talked to him alone then informed me to relax it’s apart of growing up.

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I am going through this with my 10 year old son. He was diagnosed with disruptive behavior disorder

Have you tried playing with him? Go for a walk. Go fishing. Do something just the 2 of you. Don’t ask a million questions. Let him feel close to you and listen to him.

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Start giving him other options to take out his frustration. Tell him if he is mad or frustrated he may go to his room an use his pillow/mattress to scream into/ punch then come back to the situation. But that you won’t allow the behavior he is exhibiting.
You may not know the cause. HE may not know the cause. But you can give him healthy boundaries and different ways to handle the intense emotions.

Sounds like DMDD- diagnosis @ 6yrs old

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He’s 6. Not a teen, not a preteen. Unless he’s got some weird thyroid or pituitary issue going on chances are hormones aren’t involved.
Yeah, talk to the school. Teacher(s) AND the school counselor. Ask the counselor to monitor for a while, step out on the playground and observe him on the playground. Sit in on a class or two.
Have the doc double check for food allergies if you think maybe it is a factor. Is he sleeping alright? Watch him sleep. Is he restless? Wake up a lot?
Amanda Helton Jenkins is correct about spending quality QUIET time with him. Don’t push with questions.
You say when he “doesn’t get his way” or whatever way you said it. Has he had unrealistic expectations of being catered to before now? If not by you then other family members?
Are all grandparents and family not spoiling him rotten behind your back and so he’s frustrated if you don’t?
At 6 his social circle is only just begun, but you never know. Friends that get away with murder by acting up, he sees it work on his friends parents so figures he’ll try it with you.
The point is, there’s any number of reasons WHY it’s happening, and it will likely take a process of elimination to pinpoint.

Sounds like a case of bullying, my grand daughter is 9 and was acting in a similar way, she was being bullied at school.

Don’t know if you have tried telling him how you feel and how his behavior makes you feel sometimes we are extremely worried about something being wrong with our kids we forget we are human to. I know my kids were acting spoiled and not appreciative of things I do for them and after I literally cried and said it really hurts my feelings when they show lack of respect and appreciation for all they have and how other kids don’t have all the things they do and that I work hard for it they changed.

Have you tried getting him tested for autism or ADHD?

Maybe check for ADHD c that is exactly how my daughter acts

Ignore him completely for at least two solid weeks (by this I mean all negative behaviors). Do NOT give in. Or give him choices and put the ball in his court. "If you choose to yell and slam the door, or you can go without electronics of any kind for the next week. If you choose to stay in your room, calm down, and talk out what’s bothering you then we can work out a way everyone is happy. Do this with everything. He’s not always going to like the choices presented. Too bad. Make your choice. If he refuses then STICK TO THE CONSEQUENCE. Always have a positive choice you’d like to see him take and the negative choice that he is currently choosing. Then pair those with positive and negatives consequences. If you do A then good will happen. If you continue to choose B then negative will result. Always use “choice” and “you” so it puts his behavior back on him but also gives a chance for him to feel in control/have the choice and have opportunity to do better.


I’d talk to his teacher and see if there are any problems at school. If not, then I think he’s playing a bit of the manipulation game. Don’t look for a diagnosis when it might not be necessary. If he’s OK at school, then he’s probably just testing boundaries at home

My son is the same way and I’ve taken him to a pediatrician who has now referred him to a specialist for that kind of behavior. Try doing that it may help