My 6-year-old is struggling to go back to school after break: Advice?

Hi guys, so I have an issue I would love some feedback on. My son is 6 yrs old and in kindergarten. He went back to school this week after winter break and is all of a sudden having a hard time with it. We didn’t have a problem until recently. He will cry and tell me he doesn’t want to go, and this morning he had a mild panic attack. So I walked him in and talked to his teacher, asking her if there might be something going on, she said she hadn’t noticed anything. My issue is there is obviously something going on, but no one can tell me what it is. I have talked to my son, and he says he doesn’t like going because there aren’t any teachers there when I drop him off, which is not true, I’ve checked. I’m sort of at a loss, I feel bad dropping him off with tears in his eyes, but he has to go to school, I just don’t know what to do.


Following… same situation!

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It’s normal for kids to regress around breaks and the start of school. Younger kids after 2 weeks off have a hard time adjusting to routine again when they’ve been with mom for 2 weeks straight. Give it time.


My son did this the first 6 months of kindergarten. Him going to school was the first time being away from me. I never got babysitters or left him anywhere. We spent all our time together. It could be an attachment issue.

like our school they all go to the gym at drop off. I always stay with my child until they leave with their teacher to go to class. he is in the first grade and he don’t want me to leave the gym so I stay looking like the crazy mom lol but that is okay it makes him feel comfortable. lol


My kids haven’t done this yet but I remember when I was that age I would just miss my parents so much it really upset me.
Maybe he just got used to being home and is having separation anxiety?


I had the same situation a year ago and it turned out there was someone not being very nice to my son, but never caught by the teacher - it was little things like stamping on his foot under the tables, trying to get him in trouble, knocking stuff off from his desk. Things that might’ve appeared as an accident but weren’t. We got it sorted and he’s been fine.
Although sometimes I feel after the winter holidays it can be hard for them going back, they’ve just spent a couple weeks at home, had lots of fun with family and at Christmas etc, they can feeling like they’re missing out by going back to school. It’s tough when they’re little. Keep chatting with him, hopefully it isn’t the first situation I mentioned and more the second one. It’s only been a week see how he goes over the never couple weeks

My daughter didnt want to go back because she was used to being home and doing what she felt like doing. Her routine changed during the break so she just needed to readjust. Shes 6.

PLEASE do not ascribe a 6 yo as having a panic attack!! He doesn’t like getting up early. Doesn’t like having to sit still.
He’d rather he home (wouldn’t we all?) Put your foot down.
If there ARE issues at school, address them…


Does he have an older friend or neighbor that could walk with him to class? My son would walk our neighbors kindergartener to class and it helped a lot with him not wanting to go.

I have a couple of kids, and sometimes it’s simply just that they dont want to go to school, it doesnt mean that there is obviously something going on. He may be bored, he may want to be home playing with toys because he doesnt want to learn his letters/numbers, he may just miss you. Kindergarten is a place where there is the highest level of separation anxiety. You know that his reason (teachers not being there) is not the truth, so just give it time, he will get back into the swing of the routine in a couple days, and stay strong.
Remember, a temper fit is not a panic attack. People go to the hospital for panic attacks because it causes physical pain similar to a heart attack. Crying before school is not the same.

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So my 8 yr old had a complete melt down the night before he had to go back…hes older so he was abke to tell us it was because he just enjoyed all of us being home together as a whole family…we literally spent every day together having fun…ask him this and see if it goes anywhere…and then maybe make a deal with him sundays family day ext

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It’s normal for kids not to want to go back to school after a long break. My son didn’t want to either. But I told him if he goes back and doesn’t give anyone a hard time, and listens and does his work. Then we can do something fun on the weekend something of his choosing. It’s just a matter of getting back into routine.


My 6 year old done this last year with kindergarten. It was a really rough time. It was separation anxiety at it fullest. I bought her a diffuser necklace with calming scents in it. It did help some. I told her that I would give her hugs and kisses and then she had to go. Kind of like ripping off a band aid. A set routine for her. She’s in first grade this year and has done amazing. After breaks are hard for them. Prayers for you and your baby! I know it is hard!

Go in the school with him.

Speaking as a teacher, it is always harder after the break. Thankfully, I work with upper grades, so it is a bit different, but many times, the younger ones will cry and not want to. They arent really interested in the long haul.

Drop him off, turn around and walk away. You know he is safe and watched after. That’s what matters. I know it is hard, but he will be fine. If you try to console him, it will make it harder on him. My first child with separation anxiety screamed for 6 months when we dropped him off. I would coddle him and love on him. I ended up spending most of my time at the school. My youngest did the same thing and when I finally started dropping her off and walking away, it got a whole lot better. Sometimes the teacher had to hug her while I walked away so she didn’t chase me down the hall, but it was so much easier. Hang in there, Momma!


Children can have panic attacks just like adults do have him checked by a doctor. I know kids 5 and 6 yrs old that have had full blown anxiety and panic attacks.

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could very well be someone messing with him and “no teachers are around” to catch them…


My son is in kindergarten and doing the same thing, I spoke with his teacher yesterday because he also is faking sick to stay home. I talked to him and I sent him to school with something of mine that picked so he has something when he feels sad. Today went better but now we have the weekend so we will see how next week goes​:joy::flushed: