My 6-year-old still poops his pants: Advice?

my son is still pooping his pants at six, and I have tried everything can someone please write a post asking the other members for advice please and thank you


OMG We are going through the same thing!!! I am so over it! We have tried begging, punishment, toys…etc.

He’s probably scared of something in the bathroom

My daughter had this problem up until she was 4 1/2 she then decided she will poop in the potty if I left the bathroom or turned around to were I couldn’t see her …" she always hide to poop"

Have you tried talking to him my son had the same issue and I finally got him to talk to me about it and he said the toilet hurt his butt so he got a padded kids size toilet seat and hasn’t had an issue since

Check the diet. My son was having issues too and turned out he needed more water and higher fiber. Sometimes it’s because they can’t make it there due to other issues.

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Try having him sit on the toilet for a few minutes every other hour… even if he says he doesn’t want to go … my oldest was the hardest … but I kept at it a week and no more problems… worse is at night when your tired … he’ll be tired but with kindness it’ll sink in… good luck

Consult a doctor! So many things can contribute to this issue and there could be something medically that needs addressed like change in diet or something psychological could be causing fear/anxiety


I would speak to your doctor. My son has the same problem only here and there and it is because of constipation. They did and xray and he was so backed up. They recommended miralax and the little chocolate thing as well as having him go on the potty here and there. My son also has accidents when hes been watching something scary that he shouldnt. There is always a reason.

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Make him wash out his own underwear. I know it sounds mean but dump the poop out and make him wash them.


My 7 year old daughter is the same way. I felt like I was doing something wrong and everyone was questioning why I was allowing her to still wear pull ups. I thought is was trauma related as her father had been removed from the house for child abuse and domestic violence. I felt helpless and it honestly broke my heart. I could see she was just as confused and upset over it so I knew it wasn’t intentional. We spoke with her doctor and discovered that it’s most likely a medical issue. I really felt bad because I should have spoken up sooner but it was an embarrassing topic. We’re now on the schedule to see a GI doctor and hopefully get some answers and best of all a possible solution! I say all of this to let you know you’re not alone. It’s best to just have an honest heart to heart with the pediatrician and get an opinion. Good luck Momma :heart:

Is he constipated? I had my son’s doctor, my son is also 6, said that if they are very constipated they will soil themselves. Their poops also tend to be super large. Her recommendation was to give him a tablespoon of mirilax for up to a year. We have had him on it for maybe 2 months and have already noticed a difference. He hasn’t soiled himself recently but when they get constipated like that their body doesn’t tell them that they have to go like ours does. I used to get very upset with my son because he would soil himself and I now realize that I was wrong. And honestly just being calm and reassuring him helped a lot too. Its embarrassing to them as well.

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My 6 year old daughter pees constantly in,her pants. She just hates going to the bathroom. Doesn’t want to stop what she is doing to go. She is in 4-5 outfits a day because she pees through them all. We have tried EVERYTHING. Stickers, rewards, punishments, loss of toys, TV, etc. Ugh. I can’t deal anymore. When ya’ll figure out the secret PLEASE share! :joy:

Its called encropresis. We are experiencing this too with our little one… Most of the time it is caused by chronic constipation. This video is helpful. There is a FB group that is super helpful as well.

Pedia-lax chewable laxatives have solved my son’s constipation. They’re more predictable than Miralax and more natural since the only active ingredient is magnesium.

I went thru it with both my boys. I tried everything! I stopped fighting with them and eventually they just stopped.

He may have had something traumatic happen that he’s afraid to talk about(doesn’t have to be tremendous just something that made him afraid).
My mom passed away 21 days before my 5th bday and I had constipation and ended up going on myself sometimes.

Don’t degrade him. Don’t be mean. Just be understanding. Give him things to do on the toilet. Apple juice helps him go. It may be uncomfortable for him to go poop.
There are laxatives and steps to take to help the poop.

I have both a 5 and 6 year old that pretty much refuse to use the potty its awful. We’ve tried everything the school tried everything and there is nothing medically wrong with them. Totally at my wits end.

Give him castor oil he will go then. Talk to.your dr.

Seen ppl suggesting castor oil please DONT do this unless a paediatrician tells u too it can completely mess up their insides. Speak to ur doctor good luck x