My 6-year-old walked in on us doing the deed: How should we handle this?

Mamas, I need advice!!! My six-year-old daughter just walked in on hubby, and I am having sex…( I know she happens to the best of us lol) we quickly stopped and tried to play it off but she totally saw it happening. Her words were “can you guys please be quiet. And I don’t know what daddy was doing to you, but that was weird” we just busted out laughing and said go back to bed. We will come to tuck you in. Hubby is in panic mode, googling what to do lol. He found an article that says if over age five be honest, just don’t go into detail. So am I suppose to tell my six years old we were having sex. I’m not sure I’m ready for all that. What should we tell her? I KNOW it’s going be brought up tomorrow, and I have no clue what to even say. HELPPPP!!!


Just be honest. :woman_shrugging:


I would not tell her she is too young


She will forget about it.
Just move on and lock the door lol. Omgggg i would die lol
I know that’s not great advice…


Avoid unless she asks questions :joy::joy:

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I have always been honest with my kids. I leave it vague but tell them enough.

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Just let it go unless she keeps bringing it up


She’ll forget, fck it :joy:


I wouldn’t even mention it to her. If she brings it up. Just say it’s just us showing we love each other. It’s what mum’s and dads do. And put a lock on your bedroom door


My 7 year old son walked in on us before…it was awkward for everyone lol…but no one brought it up again. If he asked questions we would’ve had some explanating to do…:joy: so my advice would be to forget it…your kid will too. Probly already did

She will forget about it believe me . And if she ask just tell her u and daddy were doing things only adults do when they are completely in love . I have 4 kids and 2 of mine have walked in on me


Don’t tell her unless she ask again.

She isn’t going to forget about it. If she brings it up tomorrow just be vaguely honest.

My daughter did the same…I told her we were getting dressed and it turned into wrestling. She bought it.


I have 4 girls and they all walked in, but they are fine married and doing great

I just told my oldest who is now ten when she walked in on us doing the deed lol at the age of five we said we were having mommy and daddy time and she should go back to bed lol


We’ve always been open and honest

IMO talking to kids honestly about sex helps them not to develop insecurities around it. Sex is a normal and healthy part of a marriage and IMO kids should be able to come to their parents with questions about it. My husband and I have talked about what we would say. We decided that we would essentially say that we were expressing love in a way that only adults in love express love. We would stress that it is usually a private activity, but if our kids didn’t understand something or had questions it was ok to talk to mom and dad, but we don’t talk about sex at school. That’s probably not a perfect answer, but it’s what we have come up with so far.


Don’t say anything unless she asks questions. If she’s mature enough to ask questions she’s old enough to deserve a mature answer according to her age.


This is why we always lock our door and made it very clear that the kids werent to come in our room without knocking. Lol
Honesty is the best