My 6-year-old wants her ears pierced: Advice?

My daughter recently told me that she wants her ears pierced. She’s 6. I just want to know other opinions about a six-year-old wanting her ears pierced.


If she wants it then do it! But please take her to a tattoo shop.


That’s about when my little sister (now 9) had hers done, she still loves them!

Do it, but at a tattoo shop

Go to a tattoo/piercing shop. It’s so much more safer

Do it. We waited until our daughter asked to get her ears done. She was 8 and got them done for her birthday

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It will teach her some sort of responsibility I suppose

If she asked go for it but go to a tattoo shop to get them done. Do not go to Claire’s or any place that uses a piercing gun.


Ultimately it’s your choice but I would let her or maybe even wait and surprise her for her birthday.

Both my granddaughters got their ears pierced as babies. With no problems or tears.

I got mine pierced when I was 6. If she asked for it I say go for it.

Depends on the kid, and if you think they are really ready. Jusf make sure you tell her exactly what to expect. My 4 year old wanted hers done around Christmas, so we took her and she LOVES them!

Do it! She asked for it so why not? But please go to a tattoo shop they are far cleaner & professional


My daughter got her ears pierced on her 6th birthday at her request. No regrets

My 4 year old and 7 year did nothing wrong with doing it

My daughter asked so i did better her asking then you just getting them done also studs or sleepers would be the go being so yound my daughter got hers done for her 6th birthday because she asked for it

My little girl is three turning four at the end of this month. She was insistent on wanting her ears pierced. She asked if it would hurt and I was honest with her, we talked about how it’s done, and watched YouTube videos (some with no crying, others with lots of crying.) After that when she was still wanting it done I let her do it. I definitely would recommend going somewhere that does both ears at the same time, so she doesn’t do one and then panic about the second one.

All good. My daughter asked to get them done on her 5th birthday. I sent her with a mate while I waited outside as I knew it would hurt, she wouldn’t go near my mate after that but loved her mumma :joy:

I think it’s great she wants to and you gave her the choice by NOT piercing her ears as an infant !


My son even got his done when he was 7 or 8