My 7-month-old still doesn't sleep the night: Thoughts?

So got two questions I need to ask, so my son is seven months old and still is not sleeping all the way through the night, and we feed him food at least three times a day and little snacks in between he gets up at least once a night to eat, and then I think my son has lost interest in sitting in his high chair to eat his food he starts crying and does not want to eat good but if he is distracted he will eat no problem what ides os out there to help with him in his high chair thanks


This is a question for your pediatrician. They will tell you if their weight is good enough for you to not go in at night.

My daughter is 8 months and still wakes up at night to eat. Pediatrician says it’s normal for them to wake up to drink their milk (breast or formula) til they r 1 yr)


Mine hasnt gain weight in the last two months , less then a pound and she is 6 months and isnt sleeping through the night, the doctor said she shouldnt be eating but since she is not gaining wieght that i should continue until we see some more weight, shes not super alarmed or too worried but she said i dont need to stop just yet. So i would definitely check with your peditrician to see if sleep training is something you can start :slight_smile:

I can’t help with the high chair part but the sleeping part is normal. My son eats like a hoss all day. He turned 8m old on the first. He goes down between 7:30/8:30ish and wakes up between 4-5ish for a bottle goes back to sleep till 7:30/8:30am and is up for the day. That is completely normal. I have two older children. 4 and 2 and they both didn’t really sleep through the night till around 10/11ish months.

My daughter was 2 1/2 before she slept through the night!


My son is 2 and still doesn’t sleep through the night

Maybe try half food half bottle before bed? Help him he fuller. I started that with my son. He eats his baby food at like 6-6:30 and then a bottle at 7:30 -8 and he sleeps till about 5:30 and has a bottle and then sleeps till 8:30-9. And he’s 6 months.


:rofl: my 3 year old still wakes up at night.

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My 9 month old doesnt either :sob:

My 10 month old eats all day long she’s a chunk and she still wakes up 3 times a night to eat my 3 year old didn’t sleep throu the night until he was 2

My almost 7 month old wakes up at least 1-2 times at night to eat so you’re not alone! Goes down around 7-8 and is up by 8/8:30. I drove myself crazy for a little while wondering when he’s going to start sleeping through the night until finally got rid of my own “timeframe” I was hoping for. All babies are different. I slept though night from 5 weeks on and was always a good sleeper. I know he’s happy and healthy and well fed and that’s all that matters. If he doesn’t sleep through the night for now, then it just is what it is :woman_shrugging:t3: I know it’s easier said than done when you’re running on little to no sleep but I know it’ll get easier and that day WILL eventually come when we all get a full night’s sleep. Best of luck to you mama :two_hearts:

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My daughter just turned one and does not sleep through the night but maybe once a week. Lol. As for the high chair, maybe prop a mirror in front of him so he can see a baby eating lol
I’ve done it. With this little girl shes literally obsessed with bubble guppies and the only way to get her to sit and eat in her high chair is guppy songs or video on my tablet. Crazy, I know. Don’t wanna hear the judgements lol

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My 4 year old still wakes once a night, and my 18 month old still is up 2-5x a night.

Try high chair in front of TV lol it could help. Give little portions and more if he eats it all. Sometimes it can be over welming to them as a hole plate. As far as sleeping threw the night my baby just turned 1 and sometimes still wakes up for her bottle.

7 month old should be eating more than 3 meals a day. But definitely try a bottle right before bed, maybe even some white noise to help soothe

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First daughter didn’t sleep through the night until she was almost 2 :sob:

Add cereal to his bottle of milk before bed. Once I added cereal my son slept all night

Give him silver wear and make sure he can feed himself. But as far as the night sleep… My 3 year old still wakes up. She stirs and gos back to sleep but just saying, I’m 32 and wake up multipule times a night. Just change his butt, or whatever, a snack, and back to bed. He will have it down soon. The first year is rough tho.

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My kiddos are in their 20’s but adding some rice cereal to the bottle at night, just to thicken a little, will help get the belly filler n gain weight some. :smiley: