My 7-year-old is having night terrors: Advice?

Valentine’s night, my seven-year-old son woke up out of his sleep sweating, shaking, crying hysterically & I couldn’t calm him down for anything. He kept asking me if his mama was okay repeatedly & I kept telling him I was his mama & that I’m fine & that he just had a bad dream. Since then, he’s been acting differently, but it comes & goes almost like he’s depressed. I talked to him about it today & he says he’s starting to have that same dream every night. It sounds like night terrors to me, so I called his pediatrician to try & make an appt. Has anyone else experienced this? Do you know why he might be having these dreams constantly?


Our son would have these when he would be too hot. He started sleeping in shorts and a T-shirt and very few covers. Still to this day if he gets too hot he talks in his sleep. Not sure if this will work for you but maybe worth a try. Good luck!!!

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Maybe anxiety? Someone teasing him at school? All sorts of things could be it.

My son had them the summer after he turned 3. They lasted for a couple weeks. They were awful. He had just started swimming lessons, so I thought he was over tired. Later I found out that there had been some stuff going on at daycare (nothing super awful…it got shut down though) so we moved him to a new daycare. Within a few days the night terrors stopped.
Just keep encouraging him to talk to you and try and keep him cool at night because sometimes heat can trigger things. Good luck momma!


Sounds more like a nightmare than a night terror. My 5 year old has night terrors, after 4 years I found his triggers are red dye 40 and over heating. Since we cut and managed the two hes been terror free for the last 3 months.


Put a little bible in his pillow case

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Yep. Red 40 is a huge contributing factor. For us at least

Definitely sounds like a nightmare not a night terror. Night terrors are typically just screaming and you can’t calm them down.

My son is almost 8 and has been having them since he was probably 5. I’d say he wakes up screaming, whimpering into hysterically crying, shaking, mumbling things, etc. at least once a week! It’s quite often… I’ve read that there’s not much that can actually be done for it, just have to let it ride out. It said it most likely will stop after they hit puberty and go into the teen years but also said that they could still have it as an older adult and may never go away…hopefully not the case… If its night terrors, they cannot remember ANY of it which is why I try not to worry too much about it hoping that since he doesn’t remember, maybe it won’t really affect him mentally. It definitely is a scary and worrisome thing to watch though for sure! And it said not to try to wake them up cause can make it worse and just make sure they don’t get out of bed and hurt themself. Just a couple weeks ago was the first time my son got out of bed during an episode and walked to the other side of house went into his sisters room and walked back to his. Neither one of them knew what I was talking about the next morning it was crazy.

So traumatizing for parents -while we on the subject my 5 year old granddaughter has developed a fear of any toy that makes a sound she covers her ears and won’t even let her 3 year old sister go into the playroom to play with toys. I am sure this was after watching toy story while visiting friends.Could that also be a possibility that your child is scared of something he watched
Anybody have any ideas how we can overcome these fears

I know when i drink tea before bed or i eat a certain food it triggers nightmares- it could be something he eats or drinks before bed, it could be something as simple as a smell that triggers these nightmares tbh.
If ita none of those then ask him about his dream and see if hes watched a video or movie or show thats triggered them. Then move onto games or activities he plays often.
It wouldnt hurt to have him talk to a therapist, it actually might help.

Say a prayer with him every night before he goes to bed. Also make sure hes not eating a real heavy meal right before bed

Dreams are usually stemmed from the subconscious,my great niece has them but she is only 2.I would suggest you take him to a pediatric Psychiatrist to get help for him they will be able to treat according to the child and give soothing ideas before bedtime.Don’t let your child suffer when there’s help available.Good luck and God Bless!

My best friends son had that. It was awful and hed scream & cry and his father would have to just hold him until he could get back to sleep. It was awful but thankfully it was a phase that passed. They had him tested, took him to Drs, and their really wasnt a cure or clear cut reason why it happened. They just had to work through it. I hope this passes for your son.

I had a horrible repeating nightmare when I was young. It was horrible. Thankfully I had a very patient & loving mother that would turn on all the lights in the house & would sit up and watch me until I fell asleep. It was awful it still creeps me out just thinking about it and I am 61 years old.

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My 3 year still has them rarely. We stick to a solid routine. Limited screen time. I control what he watches, no violence and limit sugar and drinks especially before bed. Routine routine routine. And maybe an earlier bedtime. They usually happen at a certain hour of sleep so some people say you can wake them up briefly before the terror is due to start (say 2-3 hours into sleep) and keep them up for a few then let them go back to sleep it interrupts the start and they generally do fine. It’s exhausting and scary. I’m sorry lady

Prayer before bed, read some scripture, scripture lullabies on youtube works great too!

My 9 year old came and got in bed with me a few weeks ago. Said he had a bad dream. As soon as he was next to me he went back to sleep. He hasn’t had one since. I think it’s the result of something he saw on utube.

I’d be concerned someone might have said something or maybe he seen something in TV could have triggered the dreams children’s imagination will run wild with the things they hear and see

My son had this …pediatrician recommended a little benadryl or melatonin before bed…it helped and he grew out of it