My 7-year-old is having trouble making friends: Advice?

I have a 7 year old boy who goes to first grade at school. He was always a loner but lately I can see that it bothers him the fact that he doesn’t have any real friends. He says that “it’s too difficult to make friends”. My heart breaks to a million pieces. I tried to help him to make friends but I don’t know if I made things worse by putting pressure to him. How can I help him?


Do y’all have a church you attend…most kids can find friends in church…


Jokes help…i gave him a joke to share everyday for a few months…then majic…


Talk to his school counselor. They help with this


Maybe have gathering with classmates and parents,


What school does he go to? They normally have directory too all the parents+the kids. Try to reach out to a couple parents and see if they want to swt up play dates. Doing this outside of school will help him get closer to the children in his class


check with the teacher but perhaps send some treats. Have him hand them out to the children

You and your child could make something that you can share with the class at school.Cookies or something. I’m sure you probably have to check with the teacher.Food Always brings people together :heart::heart::heart:

Lots of good advice here. Hopefully your little guy can find a way to make some friends.

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Sport… my son was always a loner also… he made is best friends in sports…

Get him involved at your local library :books:

Maybe get him involved in a ymca swim class? - group -sports-boys n girls activity club- if your Christian try pioneer club ,awanas, they do both together girls n boys activities n snacks n parents can come anytime n get involved ? I lived way out of town had the issue of kids interacting with kids near of age group same ;”/ I just started looking into things

Religious school? Sports? Volunteering? :pray::pray::pray::pray:

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Have a party invite kids from his class.

Maybe it’s time too see a child paediatrician/ doctor . It sounds like the child needs support from education resources to help fill in the social support for your child. X

Whats he interested in? What does like to do… maybe find outside groups, things to do in what he likes so he can build a friendship… if all else fails… HE HAS YOU… your his best friend, just like i am my sons right now… everything will be ok… don’t worry, hes still got alot of growing and learning to do !

Seems to me you made the right decision by asking advice, bravo…

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Maybe gst to no a free parents then havs a play date type thing

Try volunteering at the school or go to lunch/recess with him. My oldest son was shy. I taught him how to make friends that way.

Make play dates at your home.start with 1 friend first.Home is his place of safety .