My 7-year-old is struggling to go to bed at night: Advice?

My seven-year-old is having trouble going to bed at night. We have tried everything besides melatonin at this point. Tv off an hour before bed, books relaxing lotions/oils like legit everything. She will go lay down but refuses to actually sleep until I and or my husband sit up in her room with her till she falls asleep, which is usually a 45 min to an hour task. She has every excuse under the sun as to why she needs us up there, and normally, I don’t mind, but it’s getting longer and longer. My husband always caves and sits up there and tries to make me feel bad if I tell her no as “what if she is actually scared,” but I’m telling you she is doing it because she knows she can get away with it. She plays in her room by herself or reads books in bed until we come up and is just fine being up there by herself. My 6-year-old son who sleeps directly across the hall (so she’s not up there alone) goes up and goes to bed, no problem. I guess what I’m saying is I’m at a loss and could just use some ideas or suggestions to try to get her to 1 go to sleep on her own or two cut down the time we are spending up there with her.


Start bedtime an hour earlier :woman_shrugging:


Try a weighted blanket

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Sounds like she’s scared of the dark did u ever think about that? Get some good lights for this child.

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Give her a time limit that you will be in there. Maybe 20 minutes? Read a couple books together and when the 20 minutes is up tell her goodnight and leave the room. I’m sure after a few days she will be fine.

He’s coddling her. She’s in total control of that situation and she knows it. Nip it!


Start bedtime earlier. Honestly it’s the fact that hubby caves. My 4yo did that for the longest time, but now that hubby or I no longer cave she knows she has to go to bed. When she gets up I simply say, “nope” and I lead her back without a word, she crawls in and I leave. She has a nightlight and even soft music playing to relax her. She rarely gets put of bed now.

Trampoline and a ritual movie

Put a camcorder without no one knowing.

When my daughter started having troubles going to bed we wore her out about 2 hours before bedtime, my husband and her would run laps in the house (open area) for a good 45 minutes, then she would get a snack, read a book, get ready for bed, and passed out. She might not be getting enough of her energy out during the day to go to bed at night, my daughter also has to have a fan on (she’s like me with that) and 2 night lights (one is a wax warmer for her room to smell good, the other is a lava lamp). It’s been working for us for almost a year now :crossed_fingers:t2: she turned 7 in May.

Find a reflexologist. They can help

My 7 yr old is the same and has been the same for a loooonnnggg time. She started having major sleep problems once she turned one. Lately she can’t fall asleep until close to midnight. Melatonin isn’t working. She has anxiety. She’s deff not afraid on a normal night of the dark. We’ve tried no tv ect. Nothing worked . Behavior wise though she is a challenge daily. So if I tried to say “3 books and I’m leaving” I would have a 3 hour meltdown.
How would that go for you? Give a time minimum: or a book minimum. Have a routine and that’s it. Be consistent. See how it goes? Maybe a warm rice sock to help relax her?

Melatonin is the ONLY thing that works for us!!

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White noise machine, cooler temp in house, weighted blanket

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Give her 1 gram of children’s melatonin 1 hour before bed time

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I had the same problem with my son the doctor recommended giving 2 mg of melatonin at the same time every night it may take up to a year, it because the lack the Natural melatonin in the system I am now doing the same thing with my daughter and she’s seven

Weighted blanket! My daughter slept in bed with us … ever since that package came from amazon …a 5lb weighted blanket… she has slept in her bed

Sit just outside her door way with the door open

Try a weighted blanket my kids love it so much it’s a struggle to get them up for school :grin:

Stand ur ground stop giving in to her shes old enuf to play u if she falls asleep while you sit with her then its a bad habbit by all means get a nightlight or glow in the dark stickers but unless u stop letting her win then get used to sitting there every night. She certainly doesn’t sound to me like she needs melatonin id do strict bedtime routine n stick to it maybe do storytime or a chat before bed downstairs but once you don’t give in she will adjust