My 7-year-old still has accidents: Advice?

My S/O and I have 4 kids 1 boy and 3 girls. Our boy is the oldest at 7 and the girls age down to the youngest being 2. They are all potty trained throughout the day and even during the night EXCEPT our 7 year old boy. He has an accident (either pee or poop) nearly every day (during the day) and pees the bed nearly every night. For quite awhile we were just putting pull-ups on him at night because it was just easier and figured he would grow out of it…well apparently that’s not the case and honestly not even what I’m really wondering and worried about. He is now 7-1/2 and either poops in his underwear or pees in his underwear on a daily basis. He says that he didn’t want to miss out on what he was doing when he does it every time. We have tried taking things away and having to to earn them back, tried taking away the next fun thing we do away from him, tried making him spend time in his room without any toys, and many more. I am asking for anyone that has any ideas or suggestions to give them to me! We are at a loss at what to do or try next. Any help is appreciated! Thanks


Have u talked to your pediatrician?


I have read older kids bed wetting is something deeper maybe try therapy or talk to his Dr? Or have a toilet schedule every 2 hrs he has to go sit on the toilet?

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I would talk to your doctor. Boys seem to wet to bed longer than girls. One of mine was a preteen. Once medical was ruled out than we had to just wait for him to outgrown it.

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Might not be physical ready. Talk with Pediatrician. Also for $15.95 there are toilet reminder watches now.

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I was told 10% of 5year olds still pee the bed and 5% of 10 year olds

I have a 7 1/2 year old boy also, if I were in your situation I would start by talking to his pediatrician. There could be something underlying going on

No food or drinks after after a certain time

Sound so familiar,it will get better , mandatory toilet break’s that what I called.

So my oldest is 6 1/2 and still does but he also takes meds for seizures.

Please address this with his pediatrician. If he drinks a considerable amount of fluids and is thirsty most of the time, it could be a more of a medical condition even though that’s what he is saying.


Have you tried a potty watch? It beeps every 30 minutes to remind kids to try to use the toilet. And take him to the bathroom stop whatever he is doing and carry him to the bathroom. Or like other said call his doctor could be an underlying issue, like bladder incontinence. I had a friend in highschool who went to the bathroom at the same time everyday because sometimes she would go before she could get to one. Or try the sticker or prize thing for not having accidents that day and such.

I would talk to you pediatrician bc there are many things that can trigger the day time accidents (not saying your son is )my niece is high functioning autism and she is 13 and still has day time accidents my 3rd son has severe adhd and had day time accidents until he was 5/6 I also have a 4yro girl that still has poop accidents she has constipation issues that is just a few thing that have made day time accidents an issue in my family I know there are many many other things

My 4 yr old has that problem very rarley, when that happens i try to ask him like every 30 minutes, do you have to pee.? Do you have to poop.? I know its a pain doing its every 30 mins but its a good way to let him know that your willing to help him not ‘miss out on the fun’ i also recommend stopping the food and drinks after a certain time in the afternoon.? :relieved::sweat_smile: hope it gets better.! Hang in there.!!

There’s tons of different things it could be, I would start w talking to him about it and let him know what is/isnt expected. If that doesn’t help I would talk to primary doctor and see if they can find anything or refer you to someone else. Either a urologist or therapist. Set a timer for 30 mins and make him go every 30 mins. At night wake him up every 1-2 hours and make him go. Inconvenience him to no end to make sure he gets it.


The wetting the bed I wouldn’t worry about ,a lot of 7 yr olds still wet the bed ,however the peeing and especially pooping during the day is probably just not wanting to stop what he is doing .My grandson was doing that well playing video games and had to have them taken away for a short time every-time it happened.


This sounds like more of a medical condition. Address it with his pediatrician and see if there is a specialist that can help you.

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I had a medical problem until I was15

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Bed wetting alarm worked wonders for my daughter who at 7 was still wetting the bed.

If it was just peeing … meh , I’d talk to doc . Some kids do have smaller bladders and need more time. My dd was 10. But the poohing and telling you he doesn’t wanna miss out … imo is lazy. So , imo mandatory bathroom breaks every 30 mins , have a talk with him about hygiene, and the importance of going to the bathroom and not holding it, what will happen overtime, don’t blame or place blame just a talk and telling him what his day is now gonna look like , set an alarm, pause tv or hold play till hes done.

Every 30 mins for 10mins. Set timer for both . Keep it consistent dont quiet because they freak out. Good luck :+1:

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