My 7 year old stinks like a teenager: What can I do?

My son just turned seven, and his armpits smell like a 13yr. I’ve taken him to see two different doctors (his doctor will be out for three months), and they both have told me there’s nothing abnormal because he doesn’t have any type of pubic hair growth. He just has to use deodorant. I feel he’s too young for deodorant! Has anyone been through this? If so, what did you do? Did you see a certain doctor? Please help!! Thanks, Concerned Mom.


Well the other day my 7 year old daughter told me she smelled…and yup she had BO like a teenager…too young I thought :woman_shrugging:t2:

My son defiantly needed deodorant about 8, it’s just hormones and them growing up

It’s normal. His feet will stink soon too. Better get some foot powder to go with his new deodorant

My son is 7 and uses deodorant and showers daily that helps a lot.

Does he smell even if he is not sweating? I think it’s really normal for kids his age to stink when they’re active and sweating a lot especially when they’re outside or they don’t change stinky clothes. My daughter stinks when she’s too sweaty. If you think he can’t have deodorant yet, maybe you can try baby powder.

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Antibacterial soap and time for deodorant! My daughters started out at age 6.

Take a shower and Use deodorant. Why would you me worried about this?

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This article might be helpful for you

There’s a roll on that you can get from a pharmacy, not sure of the name. It’s helps to stop the build up of bacteria that causes the smell

I started my son on deodorant at almost 4 just to get him in the habit of using it after he bathes. I dont think 7 is too early

My child has been through this. Shower, wash armpits with lime ( my husband told me about it and it actually works. Still use soap) and then deodorant is fine.

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Just get him deodorant :joy:
You can’t be too young for something your body needs


Lume natural deodorant. It’s great!

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Not too young for deodorant he doesn’t want to smell he just doesn’t know how to fix it. You’ll need to encourage him to bath more often paying special attention to his pits and get him a gentle deodorant. Synthetic shirts make pits smell bad too look into. More cotton for his shirts. I raised 2 boys I’m well versed.

My 5 year old uses deodorant & he loves putting it on. Just let him use the deodorant. Lol

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My daughter stated using deodorant at 7 for the same reason. They do have more natural ones you could get to start him on… My daughter is 11 now and still struggles to remember to use it lol

He could just have overactive sweat glands. It could be his diet things that he’s consuming.
But he’s not super young to have that. I know a little girl who’s eight and she has to wear deodorant.
Kids nowadays are developing hormone bursts earlier than when we were younger.
haven’t you ever noticed that middle school girls are developed a lot like high school girls now.
Our food is pumped with hormones. It is a wise thing to switch to organic meat.


My 8 yro wears deodorant and I’ve been in his classroom where they all stink! Lol I dont think its anything to worry about.

So is he lactose intolerant or sensitive??? My daughter is and will stink like crazy particularly after regular milk or ice cream. If she hasn’t had any for a while its disappears after about 2 days. Check the diet. My kidlet almost 6. I made the connection around 5. I limit the dairy and use a probiotic.