My 7-year-old stole from Walmart: What should I do?

I need honest advice and please no rudeness. I’m at my wits end with my 7-year-old daughter. She has always stolen things from her brother and sister, but she took it to another level and stole from Walmart the other day when I wasn’t looking and got caught at school with the item she stole. She has faced the consequences over and over for stealing, being disrespectful to adults, throwing tantrums, you name it. And we have tried everything it seems. Positive reinforcement, positive incentives, punishment by grounding, taking things away, behavior therapy…meds…and it she just continues to be out of control and steal and constantly lie. Then she throws a fit when she’s caught and gets in trouble as if she is the one being done wrong has anyone else faced these issues with their child? My mum also isn’t the fondest of the idea due to the reasons that we split, and she doesn’t want it all to happen again, so that is another battle that I have on my hands. I feel everyone wouldn’t bet against us, and our own issues already… but the hardest person I’d have to go against is my mum. I can’t do that…


Make her bring the item back to the store manager, apologize, and explain herself.
Having to explain and own up to someone that’s not a family member, and hear from someone else why it wasnt ok may help!
If this is an ongoing issue therapy may be beneficial for her as well.


Yes make her take it back and explain what she did

I would make her take it back to the shop and explain to the manager why she did it. There’s also obviously a deeper reason as to why she’s acting out - talk to her, get to the bottom of it

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Make her sit in the cart like a baby when you take her in the store if she cant be trusted .


Could you maybe try having a police officer come to your house & explain to her that when people steal they go to jail?


I’d talk to the local police,tell them what’s going on.See if they will scare her,fake arrest her,and put her in a cell.Maybe see if you can tour a prison/To show her how she’s going to end up,if she doesn’t change.


I stole something small when i was little, my mom forced me to go back in and explain what i did, give it back to them, and say i was sorry and stuff. I was SO embarrassed i never even thought of doing it again

I would take her to Walmart to return it and also take her to the police station. She committed a crime and police deal with crime. That should be your message to her.

  1. Take her to walmart and make her return the item. Or work off the cost for it if they won’t accept it.
  2. Take her and have her evaluated for adhd. It sounds like she’s struggling with impulse control.
  3. Therapy can help

Give her ten bucks then ask her to take the garbage out then hoodie up and go out there and rob her :rofl::rofl:


Send her to juvy jail. You’ll have to Google one near you. They will keep her 2 or 3 days


Went through with our son made him take it back and he got arrested we made him plead guilty because he was and he got probation he never did it again now he has a family he works for Warren county full time I know that it’s hard but they have to learn there actions have consequences and sometimes they’re not all good

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My brother used to steal like that. My parents had the county sheriff come “arrest him” cause nothing else worked. He was Mr. Tough Guy til they put him in the back of the cop car and started driving off. He hasn’t stolen anything since!

Id make her return it to Walmart.

You never said corporal punishment… Might wanna try tearing that ass up…

I’m gonna be the asshole parent, I would report her to the cops. Honestly stealing from siblings is common, but when she’s out there stealing from retail stores thats a whole new level… positive reinforcement dosnt always work. She does a Crime she should do the time… hard truth will work better than coddling

Due to prior LEO experience, no. Don’t take your child to a station or make comments about the police. That is why children resent the police and don’t trust them. That does nothing but scars a child.

You let the child know, you’re taking the item and them back to the store and she will have to deal with whatever consequences they choose.

Check out some therapy ideas. There could be something triggering her to act out. Especially siblings being involved. Maybe the child feels as if they only receive attention if they get in trouble.

Prayers Mama!


My son stole a tube of M&M mini’s from the grocery store when he was 4. I noticed it hanging out of his coat pocket on the way back to the car. I took him back inside. Made him tell them what he did, pay for it & leave it there for the next person w/ a child. Then I took him directly to the local jail & asked and officer to have a talk w/my young son & scare him straight before it had a chance to get out of hand. As soon as we pulled into the jail, he freaked out. Trying to get him out of the car was like trying to put a cat in water. Traumatizing at the moment yes, but a lesson that would last a lifetime.


You should have her take it back and apologize. No need to let a police officer scare her. Maybe somethings going on you should get to the bottom of it before you scare her and make her feel like she can’t say anything. Hopefully she’s ok and just acting out as she gets older you have my prayers momma :hugs: