My 8 month old is needing a helmet: Advice?

My son’s doctor just informed me he would need a helmet at eight months old. His ear is pushed very far forward on the one side along with a flat spot on the back of his one side. I feel absolutely terrible like it’s all my fault! I could have held him more or something! I’ve had super bad mom guilt, and since I’ve found out, I just keep holding him and crying. Stroking his little hair and head because I know it’s going to be so long Until I get to do that again. He goes Monday to get measured. I’m so worried he’s going to be uncomfortable and worried about just everything in general. I guess my question is, how did other Moms cope with the guilt? I know it’s not a big deal, and tons of babies need helmets, but I just feel so guilty! I’d also like to know some of your experiences if your baby has or has had a helmet. I’ve been reading a ton on Google, but I’d love to hear other mom’s experiences or maybe even some tips if you have any?


I never had that situation but go easy on yourself. It happens no matter how much you hold a baby. My nephew was always held and still needed one. He’s going to get his helmet and be just fine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My daughter never had a helmet but she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when she was only two days old. At 12 days old they put her in a harness and she had to wear it for three months. I felt like it was all my fault. I was super active before and during my pregnancy and worked out moderately until month 9. The doctor said it has nothing to do with that and it’s just because her hips didn’t form in their sockets correctly. Deep down I still felt like it was my fault. And it broke my heart because she couldn’t wear so much of her cute baby clothes for the first three months. It was much harder for us as parents because we don’t want to see our babies like this. I didn’t want to see my baby stuck in a harness with legs bent like a frog and she could never take it off only one hour each day for baths. But time flys girl. And now her legs are stronger than ever. Just remember, your baby will have to go through this for a short time and soon it will be over and done with.

Has he been evaluated for Craniosynostosis? What you’re describing sounds so much like my sons condition. We had to push to get the Xrays, etc initially as they were just labeling “flat head”. I would be happy to discuss further and share photos via DM. Hang in there Momma… there are so many positives to it! Praying for you and your little!

My son had to wear a helmet, a lot of kids do. However, at 8 months I think it’s too late. The doctor should have said something before then. The skull begins to harden and take its permanent shape, and after that there is no correcting. I was informed a little late myself, I ended up switching my sons dr and the new one told me right away. He wore it about three months. He didn’t like it at first but in no time he was use to it. Just do what you can, don’t feel guilty.

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My son’s head was smashed in on one side when he was born. He wore a helmet for a few months and it never bothered him. He wore it all day, with a 30 minute break every day to wash the inside of the helmet. Every so often we went to the doctor to check his head and readjust the helmet. After a few months his head grew in properly and he was able to take off the helmet, good as new!

The helmet wasn’t bad, when my 3rd one need it he fussed a little for about 2 day but adapted quickly… worse was all the appointments to get it checked and adjusted as time progressed (place that we had to get it from was an hour and a half away) he never seemed to mind it much… worst part was when. He didn’t need it anymore because had gotten use to being able to fall and not hurt his head and hit toys against it to make noise… those first few falls you would swear he had life threatening injuries by the screaming when in fact it was a minor bump, same with the toys… he adjusted quickly tho

I would say stop feeling guilty as well. I know you probably do but you know baby since those things so if you feel guilty he might feel bad and he shouldn’t feel bad because it’s really nobody’s fault

I have a flat spot on my skull. Doesn’t effect anything

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Honestly I don’t know how to handle the guilt even though my son had a helmet as well but to tell you it’s rather easy to handle once it’s on my son didn’t notice it and don’t freak about missing your cuddles the helmet comes off for a little everyday usually for bath time and some snuggles! And the time he must wear it passes quickly I barely remember my son’s time in his helmet

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My friends baby just got a helmet! And HES SO CUTE!!! It aint no Thang really. Get the helmet and rock on with it. Its not a fulting thing when a baby needs a helmet some just need them when others dont :woman_shrugging::heart_eyes:


A lot of friends kids have had to wear them. Kids are super adaptable, and strongly influenced by your emotions.
So take a breath, trust yourself, there’s nothing you did, and remember it’s only temporary. Better to do it now then run into issues down the road.

You got this.


My son had to wear a helmet for a bit and it was cute. We decorated it and just made it fun… its ok mamma dont feel guilty about it. Lots of kids have to for flat spots

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Be strong get some cool decal stickers to put on it. You got this!

My son also had a helmet, at about 2 months.:heart: it’s not your fault, very common with babies that sleep on their backs. A dozen of my friends kids have needed this as well. Now my son is 14 and I don’t think it’s noticeable to anyone but me. My girls didn’t have this asymmetry. You will get through this, it’s doable, I blamed myself for years, gets easier


We had to have one for the 1 year old. It was suggested by his Dr. He fall a lot. We got his from Walmart on line.

My cousin had to wear one for awhile when he was little, its okay. :heart: hes perfectly fine

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Apparently it’s very common. Ive seen several people fundraising for their child to get one, because its in the thousands area. Most insurances dont cover much.

My baby had a helmet too, it was no big deal. He didn’t mind it at all the appointments are simple we can’t catch everything! Don’t feel bad. We had lots of fun decorating it!