My 8-month-old is still spitting up: Thoughts?

My almost 8 month old is still spitting up every day. Could she be possibly gagging herself cause her hands are always in her mouth? I’m getting sick of bringing it up to her pediatrician cause they don’t worry about it cause she’s always gained weight. I have tried every suggestion the pediatrician gives me though and it doesn’t fully stop though it has slowed some since she’s been on solid foods.


Time to switch sometimes you gotta switch til you find the one who cares

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Her gag reflex is in front of her mouth that why she’s spitting up, if the doctors aren’t worried about it just try to relax

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My nephew had reflux. He had it until he was about two. Try to avoid acidic foods and see if that helps.

My son spit up til he was 18 months

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My daughter was spitting up terribly. It was acid reflux, she has been on reflux meds since she was 6 months old.

Our son had horrible acid reflux. He just was able to get off his meds in February and he turned 2 this past June

Doc told me at 7mon it was still normal

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Reflux, get her a second opinion


Get a second opinion

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Most babies do spit up. Try changing her formula to a sensitive one. Make sure she burps really good after a bottle

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Has you baby been checked for acid reflux? It’s more common than once thought. All three of my grands has problems and they used an antacid to help until they got old enough that it wasn’t a bother anymore

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My son when he was a baby didn’t stop spitting up till he was about 10 months 100%. He had bad acid reflux and the doctor kind of brushed it off because he had a healthy weight. It’s frustrating but it will definitely pass! What helped the most, I just made sure for least 20 min after eating he wasn’t doing anything else (especially laying down). Try switching formula if you feel strongly but it’s still normal.

9 months and my son still spits up due to reflux

My 9 Mo old granddaughter still spits up

My daughter is 8 months and still spits up

My daughter was the same way until we switched her to cows milk at 12 months. We constantly brought it up to our dr too and we were told it was reflux and she was put on meds that did nothing so I quit giving it to her. When she was 2 we decided to give her the pediasure sidekick shakes. Anywhere from 4-6 hours after she would drink it she would projectile vomit. I finally mentioned it to our dr and that’s when we discovered she was allergic to milk protein concentrate. It’s the main ingredient in formula and those shakes! She is now 9 and still gets really bloated whenever she eats anything with milk protein concentrate in it.

My 6 year old is allergic to milk and soy. She always got sick while she was on formula. Ask for testing.

Sounds like acid reflux… or an intolerance to whatever formula you’re using. If you’re breastfeeding, it could be something you’re eating/drinking that baby is allergic/intolerant to. Most common is milk or soy. Good luck mama.

My youngest had reflux & spit up alot. The doctors said he’d outgrow it & it got better after about a year