My 8-month-old still spits up a lot: Advice?

My almost 8 month old is still spitting up every day. Could she be possibly gagging herself cause her hands are always in her mouth? I’m getting sick of bringing it up to her pediatrician cause they don’t worry about it cause she’s always gained weight. I have tried every suggestion the pediatrician gives me though and it doesn’t fully stop though it has slowed some since she’s been on solid foods.


The enfamil AR worked wonders for us. Not sure if baby is breast fed or formila fed.

My doc suggested switching to enfamil gentle ease and it worked wonders for our daughter . Hardly ever a spit up now .

Try to keep note what’s in her diet, but it could be she’s gagging herself because babies gag reflex is in the front of the mouth

We had to switch formulas so many times! But always with the spit up. And try feeding less at a time but more often.

My little one had acid reflux so Similac Sensitive worked great and having her sit up for a little while after was what was recommended by her Dr. He even gave her a prescription so it was covered by WIC

My daughter spit up MULTIPLE times a day until she was around 9 months old. Her pediatrician told me she had a weak muscle between her stomach and throat. As she got more solids it stopped.

My daughter spit up from newborn until close to a year. As she started solids (at 5 months) it very slowly got to be less and less and by the time she was a year it had pretty much stopped. She was breastfed so can’t recommend a formula but hopefully it tappers off for you as well. Good luck mama. 🤷

My baby did that for the longest time. Two adjustments at the chiropractor and she’s doing amazing now.

We had to switch baby bottles to Dr. Brown bottles. Our baby boy is 20 months old, off bottles doing great.

My daughter had severe reflux. Even after starting solids, she still had some come up. (Not as much as just formula) shes 15yrs old now and still will “spit up” in her mouth if she eats the wrong thing or eats too much. She swallows it now tho :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: my daughter will always have reflux issues. My son grew out of his by 18mos.

My youngest son was switched five times(one was goat milk formula) trying to find a formula he wouldn’t spit up and none of them actually stopped it every time he ate he would spit up to the point where usually I fixed a bottle and a half hoping he’d keep enough down and he ate every 2 hours even when he was older at least once a day bile would come up. He didn’t throw up real food only formula but he continually gained weight so they weren’t worried about it too much but sent him to get his intestines x-rayed and found nothing it lasted until he switched to real milk at one year old and then it just completely quit

both my kids spit up after every bottle til they were a year old. Switching to a gentle formula helped a bit and also eating more solid foods.

With my oldest daughter it was her formula and how fast she ate. With my youngest its because she eats too much and her body makes her spit up whatever is too much for her little tummy.

Rachel Lynn you stay laughing at everything don’t you???

My son done this till 15months old. Food water milk. He eventually grew out of it

Our little guy had a really sensitive gag reflex and I think gas bubbles and burping made him throw up more, he’s 4 now and will still throw up if he coughs more than 5 times in a row…

smaller meals, more frequent meals to make up for smaller, she may be overeating.

What kind of milk is she drinking?

My 1 and only was like this. I was dry as a bone (a whole other problem) so she had to be on formula, but there was no formula she could tolerate! Finally we found out the K-Mart brand was easiest on her, mixed with medicine for GERD. Once she was old enough for milk she got a little better (she is 8 and lactose intolerant now).