My 8-year-old daughter said something made her uncomfortable at her friends house: How should I handle the situation?

I’m concerned about a child/children - my 8-year-old daughter went over her friends last night straight from school. Waking up this morning, she has come to me and shared some things that have made her uncomfortable. She said her friend’s parents hit their youngest (who is 4) with a wooden spoon on the bum. My daughter heard the mother threaten her son with it, so my daughter asked her friend about it. Her friend told her it’s the only thing that works to get her brother to behave; she said that his bum has bled from it as he had splintered. And it’s no longer soft it has crinkles (her words) She also went on to say that the daughter has a party every year for her birthday, but the brother doesn’t ‘they just go for food and don’t talk’ I obviously feel really uncomfortable with this information and cried when my daughter told me she is 8 years old and knows that it is wrong! Iv been trying to contact safeguarding children all day to no avail do you think I should report it to the police? Iv decided that maybe the eight-year-old has possibly exaggerated, but the bottom line is if they have nothing to hide, then the worst that will happen is they won’t like me, I can live with that. I have also spoken to a friend who knows the family who told me they have actually reported them before to safeguarding in church about another issue. There just seems to be a lot of little things building up, and I don’t want to just sit on this information, but I don’t know If this is something I report to the police, and I really don’t want to wait till Monday to get through to nspcc … I spoken to them and they said there was nobody to take my call.


Just call the police for a well child check because you suspect abuse


Call children’s services you can make an anonymous call


If they are hitting him so hard he is bleeding then that is way too far. The birthday thing could be because he is young and hasn’t met school friends yet? I would call the police and see what they recommend.


Call the police you don’t know what else is going on and don’t allow your daughter to spend anymore time over there…if their abusing their own children your daughter could be next


Please make a call to the police. You will feel better knowing you did the right thing.

He got a spanking wit a wooden spoon on the butt, u have no proof of bleeding, and he has no party. N U WANT TO CALL THE POLICE? wow. I think if u dont like it, keep yo kid away. MYOB. What if it’s nothing , I’d kick yo ass for calling the police.

If he is school age call the school counselor! Actually, I’d call them even if he isnt, his sister is and it could be a family issue.


Mind your own business. You have NOT seen anything.


I LOVE that you dont care if they hate you after you call. Kids come first always!


Make the call. What if you don’t and it all goes very bad? Trust me…you want to make that call. PLEASE

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Stuff is getting double posted right now, so I’ll post my response on both, so it isnt missed.

So here in Arizona, if you know of possible abuse and do not report it, you are also held accountable when it all comes to light. A swat on the behind with the spoon is not abuse, however, making the behind bleed, causing splinters or leaving marks that last more than 20 minutes IS abuse.


Phone the police, you don’t want it on your mind if something more serious happens


I’m saying this in the nicest way I can think of.
You should mind your own!
The wooden spoon thing is something I got as a kid. Never beaten or anything. A smack on the ass or hand.
And the thing about the birthday. He is 4. He won’t remember much. At least they take him out to eat? Maybe money’s tight.
Maybe meet the son get to know him and see what he’s like. If he’s happy, his stomach is full, he’s clothed and warm keep your nose out.

What’s wrong with some parents,how can they hurt their own flesh and blood. God trusted them with that little soul. Just call the police on them they don’t deserve to be parents.


I can’t believe the people who are saying not to say anything! As the victim of abuse for 10 years, I ended up saving myself because everyone I knew and trusted “minded their own business”! I didn’t have marks or scars (it was sexual abuse) so I was fine and “exadurating”. PM me the names and I’ll report it myself if you don’t. That’s pretty exact coming from an 8 yr old. And she was scared, so that says something. Like you said…if nothing else alls that will happen is they won’t like you.


Why don’t you go have a conversation with the mom. Tell her what her daughter is telling others. You will immediately know your next step. Please have a conversation first before you flip their world upside down on the talk of “crinkles by a child.


You could stick your child in a bad situation too

Call family service.s emergency number. Most states you can report anonymously


Report it CPS as check out my house because something my child said sounded worrisome to someone at her school. They checked an everything was fine. I would report it .

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