My 8-year-old gets jealous easily: How can I tell her I am pregnant?

So just recently I found out I was pregnant. Yaaaaaay! I cannot even explain how extremely excited I am. However, my 8-year-old daughter won’t be as excited. We’ve hinted to her about having a sibling, but she straight up throws a tantrum and says, ‘“No! Mom won’t love me anymore if there’s a new baby”’. This breaks my heart! She gets jealous quite easy when I give attention to other kids, so just imagine how she’ll feel with the news of her being a big sis. How do we go about telling her? This is all so overwhelming.


Make her feel involved! When my youngest was born I told my older girls that it was their job to protect the baby and make sure no one picked him up. They loved that and they never messed with him.


Reassuring her helps. That there is room for her in your heart. You didn’t want her to be alone. Involve her with tasks with the child.

In some type of way try to make her feel like it’s a sibling to love, and a sibling to love her back. Siblings are exciting, someone she will have for life, just like mommy.

I’m nervous about this with my girl won’t even be 2y when my baby is due :sweat_smile: Good luck mama! I’m just gonna try to give her as much attention as I do the baby so the love is shared! :heart::heart:

I think there’s books you can get for kids that are expecting another sibling, not sure whether it’s for her age or not. Only thing I can think of is constant reassurance that she won’t be left out and let her be involved for some appointments (if possible) and let her pick out a few little bits or something. Not sure if it will help though. It’s going to be a big adjustment for her regardless when she’s used to having your full attention.

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Include her in dr appointments and everything! Let her pick out clothes and things!

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You just tell her and make her a important part of the pregnancy.

We had our second when my oldest was 8. He was excited though… try to get her involved. Tell her she can help picking out clothing, etc. I think she’ll come around more when it’s almost time to have the baby

Involve her all the time, let her go to dr appts, have her come during ultrasound. Etc


You have to reassure you that you will love her I have 3 kids and expecting my 4th in April they have all been great with the new siblings

I haven’t read other comments, but I would let her decorate and help pick out stuff for the baby room. It would be like a project for her and she would be really proud of it because she did it herself.

Shes gonna have to suck it up! Invite her along to the baby scan or have her choose some outfits, find one that says i love my big sister etc.

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Jesus at 8 she should be way more grown up than this Guessing you haven’t parented according to her age.


And I agree with others, include her in doctor appointments, ultrasounds, stuff like that. Maybe take her to build a bear and let her pick out a bear for her and a bear for her new sibling.

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Let her be involved in the pregnancy. Usually jealous kids turn out to be protective siblings.


Theres usually hospital classes called siblings class. Also might help if you buy clothes together, include her in drs appointments , crafts like scrapbooking or picture frames, I’m s
Due in January these are things I’ve done with my 7 year old he really has come along way he was s
Disappointed when we found out it was a girl but hes ok with it now. I do suggest telling her soon so she has time to adjust and let her be upset telling her how to feel will only cause her to be stubborn and not accept it.

Mine are 21 and 12. She was 8 1/2 when she became BIG SISTER… SHE hated it she had to share everything. But mostly she wont forget being at every dr appt. Being there to finding out i was having a boy. Involve her in name choices. Let her n the room when delivery. (Up by your head) of course it didnt happen the way i wanted my son came as the dr and all family was walking in the room.

I would do exactly what I did with my six year old when I got pregnant with my daughter. I would show her the ultrasound, explain that she will have a new, important role as a big sister and God was blessing our family with a baby. He was upset, but my six year old, now almost nine, doesn’t run my house, so he got over his issue pretty quickly when he realized it was not up to him. Reassure her, but now would be a good time to show her she doesn’t run your house and get her behavior under control. Otherwise, you will have an out of control child and a newborn. Not the combo I’d want. My son only wanted a sister, he was scared a brother would take all of his things, but realized quickly that wouldn’t happen and he was then thrilled.


My 9 year old was the same. I involved her in EVERYTHING. She helps me bathe her sissy and she even helped do a big sis/ little sis one month photo shoot. My oldest was NOT AT ALL THRILLED during the whole entire pregnancy and she didn’t wanna hold her sister in the hospital, but after she helped me and I let her do her own ideas for their little photo shoot, she is the first one running to her baby sister if there’s the slightest little whimper! She just needs reassurance mom! She will come around eventually. Just give her time. Tell her she will get extra loves with a whole other baby around!

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