My 8-year-old has been having major meltdowns: Advice?

I was wondering if you could post this for me because I really need help and I don’t know what to do… So lately my almost 8yr old has been acting out really badly, She is freaking out over nothing at all, and we don’t know what to do… We have taken everything from her, but she still doesn’t want to listen, and she still screams at us, and I am at my wit’s end!!! I don’t know what to do for her… I think she may be bipolar because of the mood swings plus her sperm donor has bipolar one minute she’s sweet and apologizing for being mean and telling us she loves us and then she starts screaming and freaking out again and saying she hates us, I really need HELP!!!


Is she starting puberty? That sounds like tweenager to me. My girls both did it.


Hope she isn’t being sexually abused

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Sounds like puberty…


The act/react the way they are treated do you freak out on her?
Seek counseling it’s a pretty normal thing that can be done during school hours.

Take her to her PCP, have them evaluate her. There are child psychologists/counselors and having her see one now is your number one way to check and see if it’s biological or learned behavior.

Know that they won’t diagnose an 8 year old with bipolar. Have you guys tried multiple types of discipline techniques? Has she seen a counselor before? These are things they’re probably going to want to try before going further but since you’re at the end of your rope, getting outside help is a great option for your family.

I have worked in residential homes for children and adults with disabilities (including severe behavioral challenges) and my own daughter has some pretty severe mental health diagnoses/concerns, so feel free to reach out via PM if you want.

Lots of love to your family, because it’s tough!

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Get her tested for bipolar. Don’t just assume she has bipolar. Not only that, it will help you knowing wether or not she has it so you know what steps to take. It would also help her being on medication and knowing what she is feeling.


Go to a family counselor, I had to with my oldest. I’m bipolar and she was eventually diagnosed with borderline at that age. Even if it’s just onset puberty, sometimes we all need some help! Hang in there!!! You aren’t alone, mine was getting kicked off the bus, was fighting with kids, disrespecting every adult. I know what you’re going through!!! Family counseling did help a lot!!!

There isn’t enough info in this to understand why she’s acting out and what has been done with any type of professional help to advise

Take her to pediatrician who specialise in child behaviour. Does she have anxiety or autism or adhd they are the best to diagnose

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Family counseling first and then go from there.

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I would get her to a psychiatrist and maybe therapist? Mental illness is hard on kiddos too. My daughter just turned 9 and its tough. She has DMDD and depression and anxiety on top of all of her physical medical things.

My son is almost 8 and has been acting out and freaking out and not listening lately too. He plainly told me, I just dont want to listen to you because what you are telling me to do is boring. Like wtf. Lol
Maybe I dont “want” to get you christmas presents. But all seriousness, hopefully it will pass. No advice here waiting for it to pass myself. Good luck!

Counseling asap also good hard mannual labor she will be to tired to smart mouth or yell my son almost fell asleep standing up

Super rare for a kid that young to be bipolar. It is a serious issue that requires a professional. Do not assume.

What is she eating ?? Sometimes it can be a reaction to a I ingredient in food . Just one aspect to look into .

My daughter was like that for years. Finally diagnosed after she almost got kicked out of school in 4th grade.
Severe ADHD, meds improved her behavior dramatically.

My daughter is the same and she is 10. She has been through 3 therapists in 3 years with no improvement. It’s really exhausting and frustrating. I dont have any insight just wanted you to know you’re not alone.

Hormones and puberty she will eventually grow out of it its hard mama but you will be fine.

My two year old is like this they reccomended behavioral classes