My 8 year old has been lying a lot: What can I do?

So my eight year old has been lying more frequently lately. I’m wondering if anyone has advice to help stop the lying.


Good luck. Pretty sure it’s just the age, I always call mine out, every, single, time. Then we talk about the truth and the importance of not lying… couple times I’ve lied to her (about small things) so she knows how it feels… she didn’t like that.

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I think it really depends on what she is lying about and why.


It’s the age but when I was a kid I use to do the same and my dad would tell me " if you lie and I find out that you lied you will be in more trouble then if your honest and we talk about it and you deal with the punishment" trust I was so afraid if I lied him finding out the truth and usually my punishment was being grounded w/o the phone… that killed me … cause I was a big phone talker


I tell my almost 4 yo: if you lie to me about his then I can’t believe you when you tell the truth and that’s no fun

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We told the little dudes in my family that lying makes Jesus cry. It only worked with one of them. Lol


Read the boy who cried wolf-told them if they lied and I found out they would be in more trouble than if they just told the truth- the truth always comes out, and lastly show them how it would feel when they were the one lied to even if it’s a little lie.


Mine does this…about the stupidest shit too…i call him out on it. Eventually he’ll stop

Depends on what you want to do about it. I Discipline my kids for lying. Taking away electronics, favorite toy ect. And praise then for tellin the truth. I dont want them to turing into lying Jerks as adults.
I believe its a parents job to teach right from wrong. Parents 1st then friends. But also very important to be loving


Tell him a big lie that makes him happy (like going to Disneyland) then reveal the lie weeks later to drive home the point: You cannot trust a liar. You should be able to trust your family and friends. Lies hurt those who love and trust you. He will be questioning everything-wondering if he is being lied to. Each time he questions the truth, another lesson emerges… It worked for my daughter.


Dealing with it with my 5 year old nephew who is here a lot. We always point out we know he’s lying & he gets punished right away. I then tell him why would I believe anything you say to me when all you do is lie… yes it makes him cry but it gets my point across. We then have a conversation on why it’s not okay to lie & if he keeps it up knowing it’s not okay the punishment will get worse(I haven’t done it but I tell him ima gonna wash his mouth out with soap. Generally speaking that kills the lying while he’s with us then the process starts over after he comes back from his moms) it’s an odd situation that we have with why we have him as much as we do but it’s just a trying process of getting him to act right again for both sides.

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Reward or praise when shes honest or you get her to tell the truth after the lie show her truth is better and lying isnt good

Got my daughter to stop doing it so often was teaching her if she told the truth after a lie she wouldnt get a punishment because i respected and liked that she told me the truth and was honest

I tell my son that when he lies, his ears turn red. He has stopped lying to me lol

What is she lying about? Depending on that determines how to handle it. My 7yo and 4yo will slip up every now and again. If they’re afraid of getting in trouble or something similar I talk to them and remind them we don’t lie. If they are honest they will get in no trouble or very little. But lying gets you in big trouble so we shouldn’t do it. If they’re lying just to do it they get a little taste of soap and we move on.

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Not quite 8 but I have an almost 6 year old and when she lies, even about something small, I call her out and tell her explicitly “you are lying, thats not okay, either tell the truth or you will be in trouble for lying to me” and if she doesnt then tell me the truth she goes to time out. I dont want my kids to ever think they need to lie to me, even if its something small or not important. I want my kids to grow up thinking that even if they are at a party I said no to, and drunk off their butt, that I won’t yell at them for calling me to help. They need to know that trusting someone means that you have to be truthful, and also that they have to be receptive to the truth.

My parents said I wouldn’t get in trouble if I told the truth. It worked with me. Of course they talked to me about what I had done. Kids usually lie to avoid pain. If you take away the pain, you take away the reason to lie. Just calmly involve them in any atonement (unclogging the toilet, cleaning up the broken lamp, apologizing to another child, doing the homework or accepting that they earned a bad grade, etc.) Bonus is it also teaches them to be calm when things go badly. Think about having a boss more focused on fixing problems than affixing blame.

lying to your child about lying is ridiculous. Lying is a normal behavior that will be learnt now or later when they need to use it to survive

I told my kids their ears turn red when they lie so now they hurry to cover their ears when they lie :joy: :joy: idk if that would work randomly with an 8yo, but my son is 8, it works but I’ve been saying it his whole life.

The Boy who cried wolf is an amazing story and lesson. This is normal though at this age. Harsh punishment only teaches to lie better. They can’t be afraid of the outcome if they tell the truth. Explain trust and how important it is to be able to believe every word they say. Also set the example. I do not lie to you I expect the same respect. Ugly truths are better than pretty lies.