My 8 year old has been waking up at night: Advice?

My 8yr old son keeps waking up at night, and then he wakes his dad and me up. I keep taking him back to bed, praying with him, assuring him he’s safe, but he continues to walk up and down and doesn’t have a valid reason why. He never did this before. He started doing this after a recent sleepover. I keep asking him if anything happened there to make him afraid he always answers no. Please give me advice on what I can do to get him out of this habit he formed.


You’re probably right now most of the talking my wife right now so we can get revelations

Sleep regression, or sleep anxiety.

I would definitely try and find out what happened at that sleep over. Make sure nothing bad.


Not saying this is the same situation because he could genuinely be telling you the truth but I slept in my parents room every night for like 2 weeks straight because I had watched a horror movie I wasn’t allowed at my sleepover when I was about that age. I lied for the whole week before finally admitting it although my parents already figured since I was suddenly afraid of being alone in my room :upside_down_face: just be patient, reassure that everything is ok like you’re already doing. Could be nothing or it could be something but he will probably never tell you if he feels that he will be punished, etc :woman_shrugging:t2: hope you find better answers :purple_heart:


First things for sure if you need to find out if this family has been experiencing anything weird at their house I have witnessed anything weird going on with their children!! Because this is a spiritual attack this is a demonic spirit that could have latched on because it’s very easy to invite or welcome demonic spirits. Whether someone believes in them or not it’s really real specially during these days where the antichrist spirit is upon our nation. Everybody get some type of demon spirit attached where they need deliverance or it’s a strong hold that needs to be cashed it down in Jesus Christ name. We are going through this spiritual attack now. The closer you get to God ,Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ the more The demons tried to attack because they do not want you to succeed. Please find some information out and I can direct you after that but I will not give you advice on how to get rid of this spirit without taking to God first


Is he sleep walking?

I’d take him to the doctor. It doesn’t sound good this started after a sleepover.


I would suggest a nightlight and hanging a dream catcher over his bed. While some believe in the power of these things just explaining the significance may help your boy sleep through the night

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Sorry this isn’t apart of the actual post. But can anyone tell me how to send in a message anonymously to this page ?

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Check w your pediatrician. It could be a medical issue. Nothing major im thinking. Is he an only child. What about a pet? That might work.

Sounds like you may have a earthbound ghost in your house and your son is sensitive to the energies their are spiritual tools you can teach him to sheild and protect himself