My 8-year-old has been waking up at night and is unable to fall back to sleep: Thoughts?

My 9-year-old daughter has recently taken to waking in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep. Some nights she is up till it’s light outside. She cries from frustration because she clearly wants to sleep. We have tried a calming bedtime routine, counting backward, praying, but from a sporadic few times, it has become every night. What do I do? Her daytime concentration is diminishing.


Check with your doctor first, but I recommend melatonin.


U say 8 years old then 9?

Melatonin saved my kids sleep!

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Give her an I pad. She’ll pass out.


White noise machine
Cutting screen time 2 hours before bed time


See your doctor. Sleep apnea can happen in children.

Talk to her doctor. It’s likely she may need a sleep aid or to find the root of the problem which could be other health related things.

Before I tried melatonin I went to the Health food store and tried other options. The only problem we had with those is my girls would pee the bed because they slept so hard.

I finally now give them melatonin but there bladders may be more developed now too.

I believe I tried mother’s milk or something similar. Health food store has other alternatives

Dont just start drugging your child. Melatonin is NOT meant to be a used all the time type of drug. Once you start taking it your body stops producing it naturally. Talk to her Dr like you should do first instead of just giving her a pill or taking adivce from internet moms :woman_shrugging: She could have a legit medical condition.


Magnesium roll on or spray along with lavender essential oil on bottom of her feet

Melatonin. My oldest would never sleep if she didn’t have melatonin

Lavender pillow spray, hot milk and honey , reading, audiobook, classical radio in the background, maybe a night light if its being scared of the dark ? I used to be the same ! ( still am, terrible at falling asleep and then staying asleep) ask if they have any worried and write a letter of all the issues and then burn it’s so the “worries go away” ask about school if anything is going on then ? Are they having naps when they come home from school ? If so reduce how long. Kids meditation discs.

I use to leave on the tv for my oldest child. We had no ipad, cell phone or melatonin was really not a household word. But we notice it was something in her diet. Watch her sugar intake or caffeine intake. Friends daughter was diagnose with gluten problem at five.

Has she been checked for a tongue tie? It can cause sleep apnea like symptoms causing them to wake startled
Also anxiety can cause sleeplessness and her constant waking could be causing more anxiety making it into a cycle

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My grandsons both have weight appropriate blankets. It has made a tremendous difference in their sleep. They love them.

I have lavender essential oils, lavender spray. Usually spray some on a pillow, put some in a spray bottle with water and spray some in the hair. My 10’year old has the same problem and a nice hot cup of chamomile sleepy time tea has helped her a lot.

I recomened melatonin my daughter legit can’t sleep without it due to her health issues!

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My oldest daughter is a night owl. If I put her to sleep too early she wakes up at night. My youngest daughter is a early bird and goes to bed before anyone else. It could be as simple as finding the right bedtime for her. We love essential oils (only Young Living or DoTerra) to help. But I do think you should bring it up to her pediatrician and get medical advice just in case it’s a medical issue!

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I would say anxiety. Puberty may be on the horizon and causing hormone changes that can affect sleep greatly. Definitely see doc.

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