My 8-year-old still wets the bed at night: Advice?

Hi mommies, can I have some advice, please? My daughter is eight years old and is still wetting the bed on a night time. She’s told me she couldn’t be bothered to go to the toilet on a night time, and I’ve tried and tried to resolve this issue, but I’ve no idea what to do now. Please no bashing I’ve run out of options, and I genuinely don’t know what to do! I’ve talked to her and done all the usual stuff (the same as I’m doing with my four year old at the moment) and it’s just not working! Please help x


Does she wake up and just not feel like going? Or does she sleep through and not even realize. If she sleeps through, more than likely she will grow out of it. If she just doesn’t feel like getting up, then I don’t have much advice. I’d assume either punishment, or reward system.

When I was younger I had the same issue bc I had a small bladder I think. I had to take meds before bed and I had to limit my liquid intake. I think nothing 2 hours before bed. Is she not waking up or just doesn’t want to get out of bed?

I had that problem till I was 13…they finally when in and stretched the opening to my bladder…haven’t had a problem since…you might want to have her checked by her doctor…I had kidney trouble to…

My daughter grew out of it at age 7. If her excuse is that she doesn’t want to get up, it’s behavioral and will only be resolved with a consequence that she doesn’t like.


My son had the same issue I tried everything even waking him up in the middle of the night. He out grew the problem when he was 10

Have you taken n her to a urologist? If not try that and make sure there’s not another issue. Prayers it gets better

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Limit her fluid intake a few hours before bed make her potty before bed use the good nites pull ups till it resolves

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Have you tried a potty chart. I realize she’s 8 but I have 9,7,7,5&3 and they all
Love bribes :rofl:
Create a chart and a reward chart… start slow, so do it weekly basis for a little while. If she gets 1 Star a week she gets a special treat, if she gets 3 stars she can stay up 15 minutes later, if she gets 5 stars, she gets a movie night with mom and dad and she chooses the movie no matter what lol, 7 stars she’s gets $5 and can go to five below to buy whatever she wants
This way there is a reward for her to stay dry. Do this for a bit and she will learn.
Now if it’s a she can’t control it then I would say talk to her pediatrician. Good Luck mama Your doing a great job!

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If my child said it was because they basically don’t feel like it then I think I’d discipline them. If this is anxiety or some other issue then of course not but if they’re just telling you they don’t feel like going :woman_shrugging:t3: but what’s the difference between night and day time if the accident only happens at night? Is there lights left on maybe scared of the dark? Try nite time pull ups for big kids maybe she won’t like the wetness in her diaper so she’ll get up to change it and eventually go to the bathroom. Does she wake you up when this happens or sleep through?


You could also get her up in the middle of the night and take her to potty

Limit her fluids just put her in pull ups. She will decide herself.

My daughter was lazy and rather pee her pants then go to a bathroom. I would watch her liquid intake . make her pee before bed. And I would spend a night or two checking in on her every few hours see the time line of her wetting the bed so them I know to wake her up for a pre break around this time. It’s so hard to get them out if this. It took me a long time and lots if fighting as she will be home awake and pee her pants as the tv was to. Important or even at school. My mom thought it was medical I know damn well it was laziness

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My son was a bed wetter until he was around 9. The only thing that worked for him was to have him go pee every hour starting 3-4 hours before bedtime. After he had been asleep for an hour or so I would basically have to carry him to the bathroom & stand him in front of the toilet. We did this for about a month & he never wet the bed again.
This was the advice of his doctor. You should talk to her if you haven’t already.

Talk to doctor for sure about this.

IMO you should wake her up in the middle of the night & make her get up and go to the bathroom every night until she started doing it on her own. You should also talk to her pediatrician and see if there is anything else that could help resolve this issue (Ie counseling, medications, etc).

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If it’s because she can’t be bothered rather than a medical issue then punish her for it! Make a point of saying it’s dirty and lazy, take away nice bedding and put plain on, no devices etc, whatever will get through to her the most


What is going on around her ? You didn’t say if her Dad is a part of the family. It is very unusual for a girl to bed a bed wetter at her age. Boys are more common.Is she trying to make herself unattractive for some reason. Molestation ?


She will eventually grow out of it.

Ive had to stop fluids for my son an hour before bed. He goes to the bathroom before getting into bed- he at least has to try peeing. And finally, when he does have an accident its up to him to clean it, from unmaking to laundry to remaking the bed. Its helped immensely.