My 9-month-old is having trouble popping: Advice?

My nine-month-old hasn’t been able to poop in 5 days. She pushes and cries, and I’m not sure what to do! I’ve scheduled an appointment with her pediatrician, but it’s still days away. I’ve tried prunes, prune juice, gas relief drops, tummy massages, leg exercises, and I’ve been giving her plenty of water, but nothing seems to help her! Any suggestions, mommies? Thank you in advance


We used miralax per our pediatricians rec when my daughter had this issue


Mixed some karo (white) syrup in her bottle

Is she still eating?

They make pediatric enemas. Used it once or twice with instant results. Ask doc or pharm first.

They have a baby enema thing, cant remember what it’s called. My daughter and now my granddaughter had the same issue.

Suppositories for babies… my daughter had to use them a few times when nothing else worked.

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Warm bath I know sounds odd but rub her booty holes while in bath.


Warm bath with baking soda … relaxes muscles and if she poops in the tub oh well at least shell get relief . Been there with 2 of mine

Warm bath 20 min after 2oz 100% apple juice worked for mine

Over the counter senna, does miracles!

Pedialax enemas and my son’s Dr prescribed him miralax that we mix with apple juice

I’ve used applesauce and it worked miracles for my 1 yr old.

Half corn syrup and half her milk, be prepared for a messy poop after that though lol

Qtip with vasonline. Rub it on the inside of her buttholes. Have a towel under her because it will start coming right out


I agree with the Miralax! My son has had an issue with pooping since he was born (hes now almost 10 months old) and we went to a children’s hospital and they told us miralax mixed with juice or formula :heart:

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Put 2 tbsp of Karo in the baby’s bottle mixed with 4-6oz of water…


I give my daughter the squeezable of apples and that helps her poop! Or a warm bath she almost every single night will poop in the bath :rofl::woman_facepalming:t3:

Warm bath and tummy massages and cuddles bringing their knees to their chest is what worked with my little boy x

This may sound funny but you and baby will thank me later…i use to lay them like I was about to change them and i would hold their knees up close to their tummy while massaging their tailbone like right at the top of their butt crack. It helps relieve pressure and it will help work it down!! Good luck!