My 9 year old cries daily: Thoughts?

My daughter cries every day. She’s almost 9. ODD, the doctors say. Help! She’s doing just ok in school. Doesn’t care about it.


Well, what does she say is wrong when you speak to her?

Dose she cry before or after school

Early puberty maybe? Xx

Same boat with the crying. My 9 year old son cries over everything. I can’t hardly ask him anything. I have no advice, it’s frustrating as hell, just letting you know you are not alone!!


Therapy. She needs to talk it out. Find someone that works with teenagers. She needs someone that isn’t you. Don’t take offense.
It took me 10 years to get my daughter to talk about real issues in therapy. The therapist was key.


If she has ODD is she on medication and/or have counseling?

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Therapy and counseling are key to ODD. Patience. I suspect she gets triggered easily too. I’m sure our current events around the pandemic are not helping with any young children. It’s probably hard for a young mind to cope and mentally compartmentalize all their fear and anxiety right now. I wish I could sit down and cry it out sometimes. Be strong momma.

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Are they on adderol ???

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We couldn’t take that fir that reason

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My 9 year old son too!!! Driving me crazy!!!

My almost 9yo is the same way. I think it’s anxiety along with possible hormones starting to kick in.

Could just be puberty but she could also be depressed. It’s hard tell the difference at that age. Try talking to her to see if you can get anything out of her. If you’re still concerned therapy might be a good idea.

My son was the same way at 11 ever since he’s been in home school he hasn’t cried over anything stupid and seems much happier :woman_shrugging: I think ill be keeping him in home school

My 15 yr old son has been doing this recently, mainly because his dad hasnt tried to see him for 2 yrs and forwards his calls​:disappointed_relieved::sob: its heartbreaking


She could be hypersensitive…my 11 year is and its very touchy thing…anything can overwhelm her …she is very shy and stays to herself…talk to your dr about this.

I think alit of the kids are going through it lately with the pandemic and not being able to have a normal life with school and other activities there used to it hard on them it could be some depression and anxiety setting in some do to all that’s going on …

I have suffered from this disorder since I was 6. I was 7 when I attempted to take my life for the first time. I would love to give you advice if you want to inbox me, no judgement what so ever. It may just save a life :heart: I tell my story to young teens all the time.

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please just love them love them love them. its not their fault they don’t do it intentionally. they just can’t control it

talk to them, get them evaluated, never give up bcz a child is never intentionally defiant or disobedient. i wish many parents would understand that harshness only makes it worse. if they ever hear u say “its driving me crazy!, i can’t put up with this! somethings wrong with him/her” etc. all this is degrading to them and its a situation they cannot help. one diagnostic, one opinion, its not enough. don’t stop looking for help, these children need it.