My 9 year old cries daily: Thoughts?

Have special mommy daughter days
Activities or even a movie night something just for the 2 of you.
Then if that goes well add a grandmother an aunt or one of her friends someone else she loves and feels comfortable with.
She will open up in her own time and you can find out what she is crying about.
With my daughter it was because she wanted more mommy time just the 2 of us having special days/night to snuggle
We play games
We dance
We do movie night
Nail party
Just us two no phones no iPads no noise no outside world.
Now she does great in school
And plays alone in her room too.

She may be a EMPATH I cried all the time as a child. I was hypersensitive and later found out I had anxiety triggered by being a EMPATH. I also expierenced something called sensory overload. And still do as a adult

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What’s she crying about? Does she crie at school?
Change teachers? And or grades…my baby was 7…I called the teacher 10 days later and asked about her…she said she is the sweetest but so lost…i put her a grade back…she did great

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Set her up a therapy appointment.
Or sit down and hold her and comfort her and see if she’ll open up. In that moment be her friend.

My son was moody, would cry, be happy as a clam and in just a couple seconds he would be raging and hitting his siblings over trivial things. Come to find out he had sleep apnea!
If she falls asleep in the car frequently, sleeps with her mouth open, is moody (like tantrums like a little kid moody, crying, mood swings) she may not be getting all the oxygen to her brain she needs especially before puberty…see her PCP and discuss your concerns and ask for a referral to a sleep specialist.
If she has no sleeping issues, then take her to a therapist. Let her talk it out. Maybe get some blood work done?


Counseling for sure. Those hormones will wrack some people to the core.

My daughter has adhd and anxiety/ depression. Borderline personality started as early as five. Seek help she may need meds to stabilize. Do not dismiss this. She needs help.

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She might have depression or anxiety or both. Both can start at a young age. I suggest taking her to a therapist

Im not sure what the answer is but i would start by getting a 2nd opinion. And then maybe find a therapist for her.

Depression can start young.

Pre-puberty hormones with depression. Poor thing. I would get her in counseling.

ODD, oppositional defiance disorder. I was diagnosed as a teenager. 9 months later, I was diagnosed cured. Talk to her and make her know that you are a safe, judgement free zone. Talk therapy helped me. Learning that my mom was someone who wouldn’t judge me, made my communication with her more open.

Over stimulation get her into therapy to help her learn coping skills my son add adhd and would cry or be so mad he was over stimulated and felt like he was ripping apart said he felt so tense he wanted to run hit someone all same time

If you crack the code let me know. ODD seems to get worse as they get deeper into their girl teens. Therapy hasn’t helped, meds haven’t helped, endless different strategies, no help. Ours is now 14 and oh my lord… just doesn’t care about anything or anyone except herself. The more she gets the more she wants. Consequences don’t help. Ours also has conduct disorder (which is basically the child diagnosis for Anti Social Personality d/o). Hang on tight and sending lots of well wishes.