My almost 1-year-old is not meeting his speech milestones: Advice?

Hello! My son is almost a year old, and he is not meeting Milestones that the pediatrician has given us in the speech department. No matter how much I research, I can’t find any exercises that are really good for helping children of his age develop their first words. He says dada, and he knows the meaning of the word no and up, but no matter what we do, we cannot seem to get him to try any other words. He doesn’t want to repeat or point. We read to him at least three books a day , and we work on pointing out and telling him what we’re doing while we do it. He is a very active boy and just wants to move around and get into things constantly, so sitting there and trying to read a book and points at pictures or words is really difficult because he doesn’t want to sit still and just listen or look at pictures. He has just learned to walk along with objects, so he is all about that right now. Milestones, he is supposed to meet by a year old, are pointing at things that he would like and saying at least six words that he uses correctly. Any advice or activities that we can do with him to help achieve these goals would be great thank you so much!

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He’s just 1 year old, he is fine. Give him some time, nothing to worry about.

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My lo just turned 12 months and her pediatrician said nothing to me about having to say 6 words and that every baby is different and it comes with time.

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Following. I am having the same issues with my almost 14month old.

My daughter didn’t walk or talk until at least 16 months old. Her pediatrician wasn’t worried so I didn’t worry either. She’s now 14 and brilliant. She walks now. :wink:

Its ok, every kid/baby is individual for him self, there is no charts that you can fit all babies

I’m on baby #3… they all talk at different times. Kids are all different… don’t rush that baby. They’ll talk when they are ready.

My youngest is 14 months old his only words are bub and mum and shakes his head no and he is only furniture walking every child is different and will learn at there own pace

6 words seems like an awful lot. My pediatrician said 1-2 words was perfect for a 12 month old.

Hes 1. No one year old talks geez

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1 to 3 words in normal for a 1 year old. Milestones are being met. Get a new doctor.

My friend studied speech therapy and (I was worried about my sons development) and she reassured me that it’s nothing to worry about at this age :slight_smile:

Have you had his hearing tested?

He’s 1 years old. Your doctor is worrying you for no reason :woman_facepalming:


Was he an early walker? My son could walk at 9 months and was very active and could ride a razor scooter at a little over year but barely spoke till he was two. I’ve read that babies either focus on motor skills or speech but usually not both. Just keep having conversations with him he’ll catch up.


I don’t have advice, you are doing everything right! Awesome job!
Every child is different and will learn at their own pace. My son did not start speaking well until almost 3 years old. His doctor and speech therapist really instilled fear in me as a first time Mom. I had a lot of guilt as well, like I did something wrong. We did a hearing test and took him to a paediatrician for a second opinion and they assessed him and assured me that his behaviours were not showing him to be on the spectrum. That he has an “engineer” brain, he thinks, builds, plays more than he talks. His speech came eventually. He is now a very smart 6 year old who talks my ear off. I guess my only advice is not to get to hung up on those speech milestones. Keep an eye on it but try not to stress too much over it.


Don’t panic mama. He’s only a yr old. A lot of kids don’t really grasp other words until 2.But keep doing what your doing maybe try toys , blocks with colors etc.


My daughter didn’t really talk till after she was two, she just didn’t want to lol after that she didn’t stop talking, she’s 15now and still won’t be quiet . Your baby is fine give it some time, all milestones are based on an average some kids do it earlier some later don’t stress they’ll be fine

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They start when they are ready. My son wasn’t talking till alittle after 3 and has been talking away since than. My 2 year old daughter started talking much faster. He will start talking when he’s ready. :heart:

Relax. My daughter babbled lots but didn’t make lots of sense with words until past 2. She walked late also.

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