My almost 4 year old fights me on potty training: Advice?

I have an almost 4yr old son (birthday in April) that fights me on using the potty. He will go poop on the potty, but when it comes to going pee, he will fight and fight. Some days are better where there is only one accident. But most days, he will fight me. I’ve tried potty training books, stickers on a poster as a reward, favorite candy as a treat, specials, etc. I don’t want to use discipline as a way to get him to use the potty; I don’t want to potty train that way. But I’m getting to my wit’s end with constantly having to deal with him peeing his underwear. I’ve been trying to potty train him for months. I’m trying to find new ideas or see what some of you guys have done for kids that were difficult to potty train. Thank you!


Put Cheerios in the toilet and make it a game for him to hit them


We turned it into a game, throw a couple of cheerios in the toilet and tell him to sink them. The more he sunk the bigger the reward

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I’ll probably get heat for this but… when he pees his pants, don’t change him right away. Wait a bit. It is not comfortable. I did this with my oldest… waited like 30 minutes. He hated it. Never had an issue again.


I used cheerios. Made a game of it. Used other older family kids to “show em how its done” but then again, we all live in country and peeing outside isnt a big deal so, wow. That sounds bad doesnt it, group peeing…well, worked for me. Sounds weird but it is what it is.

We did the cheerios thing as well!

Turn him around facing the back of the toilet and let him draw with washable markers on the lid. My son is 3 1/2 and just now started using the potty. It was a fight every day and one day it just clicked with him and he had one accident that morning but after that he started telling me he had to use the potty. He’s been pull-up free for a week now and no accidents.

Is there a cartoon character he likes buy him underwear with that character on them tell they don’t want peed on it work for me 4 times with 2 grandsons and 2 grandaughtersthe girls got fancy panties.

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Lord mines was potty trained at two


My son really liked the kid’s urinal. We had one shaped like a frog that had a little wheel that he could turn with the stream.

I’d back off it for a bit. It’s the only thing in his life he can control, so he is. Stop making it a battle and he may just start going. I also agree with not changing him right away.


With mine, my daughter was no problem at all, the boy, started him at 2, tried the cherrios, told him to pee on the cherrios, he told me to pee on them, so I let go, I’d catch him peeing in the toilet, if he thought I wasn’t watching, never let on I knew, and before I knew he was going himself, so sometimes just don’t make a fuss about it, I pretended I was ignoring him, and he did it on his own

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Try using the Cheerios game. You put a couple Cheerios in the toilet and have the little boy try to aim his pee to sink the Cheerios. I know sevetal moms that used cherios.

Start telling him he can go by himself put a stool by the light switch so he can reach stop pushing it, he will figure it out.

I potty trained my son by using Cheerios, buying a potty that had a frog sticker and told him the frog gets hungry and that he eats pee and poop. Also added panties with the hulk and told him the hulk will get mad and runaway if you pee on him. And if he did took it and hid all his hulk underwear for two days. Took two days that was it

Give your 4 year old control of something else. Like let them choose their clothes, let them make a decision for meals (like “should we have peas or carrots tonight?”)
Going to the bathroom is a control thing for most kids. Once you look at it differently it’s easier for everyone.
Imagine having someone else tell you what to wear, what to eat and when, where to go and when… etc… I think you understand

I’m having this same problem with my 3 year old, except opposite. She is fully pee potty trained but completely refuses to poop on the potty. I’m also at a loss of what to do. If you find something that works, please let me know!

Both of my children were potty trained by the time they turned 2. I started putting them on the potty before they were 2yesr old to get them use to it. I kept thier potty in the bathroom and evrry time I would go to the bathroom I would take the baby with me and sit them on tje potty and ask them to pee . It worked for me. When they learned to walk I put A second potty in the down stairs so they could get to it easier and faster.

If you live in the country and it’s warp by you. Take him outside and tell him to pee on a tree or a bush. Many of my friends were potty trained that way and are doing the same thing for their kids in the summer.

I potty trained my son in the summer. I pumped him full of water, let him run around the yard in just undies, and directed him to only pee on one specific tree. It was his special pee-tree.
Made a huge deal when he communicated that he had to pee, sent him to the tree. Later that evening, I told him the toilet was the same as his tree. We don’t wet our pants because it’s icky and messy. He used the toilet that night and from then on, no accidents day or night.
Throw some fruit loops in the toilet. Make it a big deal that he’s a big guy now, and big guys use the toilet/urinal. Have him clean up his own accidents, obviously within reason. Don’t give him a spray bottle of bleach or anything. If he wets himself, hand him a rag or paper towels for the floor and have him wipe it up as best he can. Take him to the laundry sink and have him rinse out his own undies or pants, tell him it’s kinda gross to have to rinse out pee or poo all the time.
When he finally gets it, make a big deal and do a big guy activity or have a special treat for peeing in the potty for X amount of days.

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