My aunt examines my baby when we go over: Advice?

My baby is a little over one. When I take her to her other side of the family, her aunt always examines her to see if she has bruises, her nails are clipped, anything in her ears…she has to be PERFECT. If there is a little bit of wax in the ear, she makes a huge fuss over it, or if there is a little red spot on the skin from crawling that usually immediately goes away, she always has to let everyone know and question what it is. I love my daughter and keep her clean, take great care of her, and knock on wood hasn’t had any major bruises yet…my daughter is still trying to walk, so some falls are going to happen, unfortunately. I never examined my nieces and nephews; I always felt like that is the parents’ job. Is it normal for the aunt to constantly look her over? I feel like when my baby gets older; she is going to think that something is wrong with herself. The aunt also examines my baby’s half-sibling and will take pictures if she finds any bruises. The aunt is also very negative about the outfit my baby’s sibling goes over in and is very critical all the time and talks bad about the mom in front of my child’s half-sibling. Am I overthinking this or is the aunt stinking her nose where it doesn’t belong? Should I tell her to stop messing with my child?

That’s a little strange to me and I probably would not visit that aunt anymore.