My babies father could be one of two people: Advice?

I’m 15 weeks pregnant, and I’m confused about who the father might be. I’ve been with my bf for a year got pregnant in April. We slept together on a Saturday and broke up Monday. I was alone for a week broken. I slept with a close friend the next Saturday, so a week apart, who would be the father? How long does it take for pregnancy to form?


DNA test. Don’t play guessing game. Good luck :purple_heart:


Probably ur boyfriend but I agree with getting a DNA test to be 100% sure

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You usually get pregnant 2 weeks after Aunt Flo that’s if you have a normal 28 day cycle but you can ovulate late or early. I would ask the doctor they can usually pinpoint it but a week apart it’s going to be hard to determine who the dad is unless dna is done.


There is no one who can tell you who the father is with just a week difference. DNA test is the only way to go.


Due dates can swing two weeks one way or the other. Your best bet is to count on a DNA test.

Could be either. Only way to find out is either an amniocentesis whilst pregnant which carries a risk of miscarriage, or wait until baby is born for a mouth swab DNA test. I recommend you make both potential fathers aware now that there’s only a 50% chance for each of them. Judge not lest ye be judged.


Dna test is the only way to tell.

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Damn girl couldn’t last a week lol. Poor kid

DNA test. Once you file for child support, they’ll subpoena both possible donors for the test

There is no way to know for sure without a dna test.

The only way yo know is a dna test.
Theres no way to determine just by length of time when its only one week apart.


get a Paternity test

Do not guess. DNA test !!!


You need a DNA test🤦🏻‍♀️

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Dont play guessing game get DNA test good luck to you !

Dna test, and make them both aware.


You’re going to need a dna test and you can get it done before the baby is born with a noninvasive prenatal paternity test which I think is your best option for you know who the baby’s father is before your child is born. If you don’t do it before baby is born then you may have to get the two individuals tested either willing or by a court order. None of us can tell who the father could be due to it being only a week to two weeks apart for open window of conception. Best of luck.


Tell the both of them, also tell the both of them that your getting a DNA test done.

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Definitely DNA test.

They have a non invasive paternity test you can do it’s pricey but :woman_shrugging:t2: