My baby always chokes when he drinks from a bottle: Advice?

Hi ladies. I have a three-week old baby, and he gets strangled on his bottle all the time. I use slow flow nipples I hold him upright, and he still gets strangled. I panic because he starts coughing and then holds his breath. I’m so scared of it getting in his lungs. Anyone else has issues like this with their baby? Also, he randomly gasps for air while eating and sleeping and scares me to death. Please, someone, tell me it’s normal. I’m going crazy with worry.


Bottle is probably dripping too fast buy a smaller nipple and prop him up more

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Try using preemie nipples.

Acid reflux! Our daughter had all these symptoms and it was acid reflux

Talk to your pediatrician. This could be an issue with the swallowing reflex.


Talk to your babys doctor, they may know what’s wrong.

I breastfed but my babies would get choked from time to time. A lot of it is they have to get the sucking/breathing timing down.

It’s normal! As long as your watching your baby while hes eating he will be ok. :blush:

My niece had this problem as a baby and ended up with speach problems because it was Apraxia.

See the pediatrician!

Get a size 0 nipple for your bottle. I use Tommie Tippee extra slow flow

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Try slow flow nipples

When my daughter was in the nicu the nurses told me to actually try and tilt them on their side while feeding instead of sitting straight up

My little sister, she ended up having extra Webb she had to get surgery

Take him to see his doctor. It could be nothing serious or it could be something that needs to be addressed. Safer just to see the pediatrician.

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Maybe try breastfeeding. Talk to someone at LaLeche group or breastfeeding group in your area about how to improve your breastmilk production so you can do breastfeeding. It is far more natural.

Try a preemie nipple.

He needs a swallow study asap. He might be aspirating. Do not let this go. Keep after his doctor until he gets one.


Talk to the doctor this not normal maybe occasional but all the time

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More than likely he will put grow this in the next couple of weeks. But wouldn’t hurt to bring it up at the next visit to the pediatrician