My baby constantly spits up after she eats: Thoughts?

Has anyone had a baby that constantly spits up after eating? Occasionally throws up? I’ve called her pediatrician, and she was out today, so she is supposed to call back tomorrow. It just started getting super bad, and I have no idea what to do. She’s already on the sensitive formula. And I give her a little bit of water in between some feedings (per her pediatrician). We’ve also tried to break it up where she eats 3 oz and then wait 30-45 mins and feed another 2-3 oz. she is almost five months old, and this mama is tired of the constant laundry and smelling like throw up


Acid reflux. You can try smaller feed times, then burp, and continue to feed your LO.

Try nutramigen formula, helped my girl so much

How often are you burping while feeding?

My daughter did this. It’s the formula. She would throw up her entire bottles. Even cough it up and soak her clothes. It took a few different formulas but eventually we got it under control.

Acid reflux…baby needs a prescription for prevacid

My baby was on nan optipro I changed to nan comfort and he hardly spits up nan comfort is gentle on the tummy. But it could be a few reasons why your little one is spiting up

Had the same problem && yesterday I switched him to the bottles that help w/ air…he is doing way better barely even spots up. He was throwing up everything right after eating && I tried all you did

Does she cry after eating while laying flat? If it’s reflux it helps to sit up after feeding

Talk to your pediatrician. There could be several medical issues causing this. Reflux, sensitivities, allergies, physical digestive issues, etc.


My son was the same way. He had to take acid reflex medicine. I would try to burp him after every 1 or 2 ounces. It helped my son burping him that often before he got the medicine. He grew out of it by I think 8 months.

Sounds like acid reflux.

One of mine were small I used a can of carnation evaporated milk and a can of water he worked for mine

My son had the same issue till he was almost a year old. He had severe acid reflux. Pediatrician prescribed prevacid. Didn’t matter what bottle I used, sitting the baby up, gripe water, nothing worked yet I was changing his clothes like 6 times a day. It will get better but definitely get something for it if you can

Is it spit up or actual like projectile vomiting after just an ounce or too? If it’s spit up it could be acid reflex, actual projectile vomiting like a foot or more away from her could be pyloric Stenoscis. Try Nutramigen formula, it worked for my daughter when it first came out many years ago. If it continues, talk to your doctor.


We had to take my daughter to the chiropractor to get the spit up/throw up to stop. Feeding her was a nightmare pre chiropractic help

My son had that issue. Every bottle was projectile vomited BUT he stilled gained weight fine so I’m sure he wasn’t throwing up as much as it looked like he did. I’d seen where cereal could help so at 4 months I started adding cereal to his bottles. HOWEVER, do research and talk to your pediatrician before you start adding cereal, especially in bottles. Putting it in bottles has risks. I’ve never had an issue and I’ve done it with all 3 of mine BUT that doesn’t mean your baby won’t have an issue so please talk to the doc about trying cereal first!

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My daughter did that. I got really worried. Started losing weight. It was the formula. I had to start feeding her oatmeal.

I had to switch to soy formula


Discuss with Dr first however I was advised to start using a small amt of rice cereal in my formula for my lo around that age. The rice cereal thickens the formula and helps keep it down. he is 10 months now and still has occasional spit ups but it is a lot better