My baby doesn't like baby food: Advice?

I have a question that I’m sure most babies go through. Hopefully, you can post it so I can get other parents’ responses and experiences. My nine-month-old son doesn’t seem to like eating solids or purée baby foods. There are days where he’s a good eater, but most days he just tries to smack the spoon out of my hand and tightly closes his mouth. He’d rather have a bottle ( formula-fed) to eat. He’s 19 lbs, so he’s not starving by any means. Does anyone have any recommendations that have worked for their babies to eat better?


I stopped feeding my baby baby food at 8 months and started feeding him pastas and really anything besides like pork because he wouldn’t eat his baby food anymore

Give him little pieces of solids to play with. Try sweet potatoes, cheese, bananas, pasta,etc.

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Is it home cooked or pre packaged, as home cooked is way better and id let him just eat normal things instead of pre made, so he can touch and hold it…

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Mine never likes baby food or being fed. He always had to do it for himself :roll_eyes: just give him little pieces of different foods and let him feed himself.

Baby led weaning. :+1:t3:

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Baby led weaning. Baby eats food you eat and it helps them learn to feed themselves and explore different food shapes and textures.

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I’m a huge fan of baby lead weaning. We offer tons of stuff to our daughter and let her feed herself. Sometimes we do things we need to help feed her but for the most part we just make things she can feed herself. Toast, pj&j sandwiches, chicken nuggets, cheese slices, fruit, lots and lots of steamed veggies, eggs, waffles/pancakes.

My son refused at 5.5 months and thats when we started baby led weaning. He did so much better with actual food than the baby food.

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Okay, so I did this with my youngest, for the fruit I just put it with his formula, i’d talk to your kids doctor first, but it has worked for me, and he sleeps a hell of a lot longer too, like 10 hour stretches (which is fine, he’s almost 6 months old) I do 4 oz of formula and 2oz of baby food. Works well for my guy. But again, talk to your doctor first.


Let them feed themselves… small bites of scrambled eggs, pastas, potatoes etc. they will catch on!

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Never gave my son baby food, felt like a waste of $ when they can eat what we eat. Give him what your having as long as its healthy. Let him watch what mommy eats. He will catch on because he will be interested.

It’s totally ok at 9 months if he isn’t in to food just yet. He doesn’t need to be an amazing eater yet because he is just learning! Some kids don’t really start to like food till after a year old, Just keep offering small amounts and keep giving the right amount of formula a day and it will be ok!

My daughter hated baby pureed food. She likes the puffs, wheels, crunchies and melts. We give her what we’re eating. She’s almost 11 months old and tonight she ate meatloaf, green beans and mashed potatoes.


Maybe just safe finger foods he can have control over

Do baby led weaning :100::ok_hand:t3:


Do not give the bottle before trying to give him food, and if he has at least a couple teeth on top and a couple on bottom you can try soft foods that he can pick up with his fingers to eat, such as green beans (frozen ones are good for teething) toast cut up in thin strips, peas, cooked carrots, bananas cut into long strips not round coins, you want the long strips because they are actually less of a choking hazard.


I did baby led weaning with my son. Would be worth checking out

My son was on complete table food by 9 months. We ended up going BLW because he refused jar foods!

Baby food is NOT a must before 1 year. Formula or breastmilk is the main source of food and NEVER withhold that or delay that simply to get them to eat babyfood. Milk should always be offered first. And then after babyfood or other foods for fun and learning. I agree with what most others are saying. If your adamant baby eats something else try baby led weaning (give baby whatever you eat) within reason of course.