My baby doesn't like sleeping on her back: Advice?

I have a question well more like seeking advice… My little one has not long started rolling over onto her front, and she also does it in her sleep,and when I’m trying to settle her in her cot the problem is she does not like sleeping on her front and wakes up when she does this, has anyone had a similar situation that can offer any advice, we are both not getting near enough sleep, and I work late evenings to early mornings


My daughter always slept on her stomach from the day I brought her home.


Mine started to roll to her stomach at 6 months I think. It was about this time I transitioned her to the crib. I honestly just kept checking on her.

If she’s rolling around it’s not a big deal!

They only stress sleeping in their backs when young because they can’t roll!

Try rolled up blankets either side so she can’t roll over not near her face but under her ribs you can buy them but I am not sure what they are called! Have you tried sleeping bags that keep her arms in or even wrapping her up tight! All of these helped with my two !!

3 of my 4 were tummy sleepers from a few weeks on

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If she can roll on her own then let her sleep on her tummy. My son is 10 months old and is a tummy sleeper and has been since he could roll on his own, I always lay him down on his back and he rolls/moves to the position he’s comfortable in.

I placed my boppy in my bassinet so it would feel like my baby was still being held.

My brother only slept on his stomach from day 1 and the doctor just said to let him. Its a lot more common than you’d think. And if she can roll already than she should be fine

My boy has slept on his stomach since he was 1 month old and had a strong neck, he has always been fine and started sleeping way better.

I would use blankets or pillows on either side to stop her from rolling. My son would do same thing and hated sleeping on stomach

I’m in this with you :joy: my baby is almost three weeks old and won’t sleep on his back if he’s in the crib. He tries so hard to roll over and falls back onto his back then screams lol

My 3 month old son is the same way and it makes me nervous too. However, he does just fine and keeps his head turned so he can breathe so I allow it and keep a close eye on him. The only time I dont let him is if I’m sleeping too but if he wakes I let him sleep on my chest so we can both get some rest. If your baby does alright then let them sleep how they’re comfy momma :sleeping:

My son figured out how to roll onto his belly at 3 months, nothing you can do. If that is where your baby is comfortable that is where they will stay.

If they can roll themselves they can belly sleep. I’d still lay her on her back but if she rolls on her own she is fine :wink:

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If they roll on their own, it’s fine. I lay my 10 month old on her back and she immediately rolls to her belly. Just lay her on her back and let her get comfortable.

Both of my kids slept on their stomach from the day they came home from the hospital and we all slept great! They still do and are 2&4 now

As others have said, once they can roll on their own it’s ok to let them sleep how they want. My 2 year old sleeps face down, booty up. He has since he was about 5 months old

Mine never ever slept on her back. She refused