My baby girl has break outs from lotions: Help?

I have 6 month old babygirl and she seems to have a reaction to different baby lotions. She breaks out in rashes or bumps within 24 hour of use. I didn’t have this issue with my boys and I’m running out of options please help! I’ve tried Johnson, Aveeno and babyology none of these have worked. The only thing that seems to work for her is the aquaphor ointment but I would like to use an everyday lotion that’s less greasy if possible. Thanks!


Non scented lotion. AVEENO is the one we use, my kids have really sensitive skin.

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Try ceravee daily moisture, unscented

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Eucerin Baby sell it at walmart

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We use goat’s milk lotion unscented

Ive started using dove and seems to have worked on my son. I used to use child farm for bath an lotion then started going worse. Also tried aveeno an others x

Babyganics is a good product line, all natural ingredients too

My daughter is very sensitive as well we use cetaphil

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Tubby Todd!! The best all natural all over ointment

Don’t put lotion on her, she doesn’t need it


We use dove sometimes it doesnt break her out

My sons pediatrician recommended this lotion because he has eczema. He has used it since he was only months old he is 3 now and still uses it.

Eucerine baby eczema lotion. If it’s pretty bad rash then use it and seal with aquaphor ointment. That will lock in that moisture for much longer. Do this 3 times a day at least

Cerave, it’s expensive, but it’s great.

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Ask your babys doctor just in case she has some sort of skin irritant or something…The doctor should be able to help with it… But in case, have tried any of the ones that arent named brand? :frowning:

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I use dove and I swear by it it works so well for my little man

Is she super dry… is there a reason you need lotion daily?


Try aveeno eczema therapy line even if she doesnt have eczema it’s more sensitive

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She doesn’t need lotion. I used nothing but water on my son for almost 2 years per pediatrician recommendation.


Did you try babyganincs brand?