My baby got two different results for COVID testing: Advice?

On June 8th, me and my husband I went to go get retested after being positive for Covid-19 2 weeks prior. My kids got tested two days after again. My oldest son was negative, and my four-month-old was also positive the first time they got tested. We got everybody tested in two different places last week just to make sure. In the testing site, we all came out back negative, but in the clinic where we usually go, my four-month-old came back positive again. Also, another thing, the clinic I guess could not get a hold of me yesterday due to the T-Mobile outage we just had, so they contacted my oldest son’s father. We are not together no more. They asked if he was the father of my oldest and he said yes so they gave him the results. They also gave my youngest son results without asking him if he was the father of the baby. My kids have two completely different last names, so I’m wondering why they gave him so much information about my baby when in the clinic they have information about my actual partner, which is the baby’s father. I think they should have waited to give us that information to his dad or me. Yes, I’m thankful he let us know right away after they called him, but I asked my oldest son, dad if he asked for the information, but he said no and that maybe it was his fault that he didn’t say that he wasn’t the dad but they should have known when they have different last names and also the paperwork I put their father’s information. I’m going crazy knowing that in one place, we have a positive and another negative for my baby when he looks perfectly fine now?? What can I do?


There have been cases of false positives.
But I would definitely address the HIPAA violation


That’s definitely a HIPPA violation I would call and make them get the contact info straight.


I’m not saying it is right but sometimes two bio siblings have different last names. Maybe mom gave the first the dads last name and the second her last name if that makes sense it can happen but they should have asked for date of birth for each person!


They might have assumed he was the father to both. It’s not a big deal. Let them know in the future that he is not. You should contact whoever tested the baby and got the positive and have them retest, letting them know he was negative somewhere else.


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They are saying that there is actually a lot of tests that are incorrect. Honestly if I were you I would just isolate and act like they are positive. Just watch to make sure they aren’t having breathing issues. I would also absolutely address the HIPPA violation as this is really a big deal.

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Not saying that what they did was right and they definitely should have checked that he was the dad to both children but, my 3 kids all have different last names. 2 of which have the same dad so it is possible for them to not look at it that way. But I know thats definitely not the right way they went about it. Fingers crossed ur lil one dosent have it

I would file a complaint about the HIPAA violation


My youngest two have the same dad but different surnames. It happens.

Technically, that is a hipaa violation. The person calling with results should have known better as a health are worker


Your other son needs to stay with his dad until you find out for sure. If your baby is in fact positive for COVID you need to isolate with him until he is better I would treat it as a +.

That’s a major HIPPA VIOLATION !
And I’d probably get baby tested again to double check that!

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What are the symptoms that u all experienced? U tested them without any symptoms
U said baby looked fine so maybe u can have covid without any symptoms?

Maybe he tested negative becuz he no longer had it?
Does anyone one find it odd that there are false positives?

That is a HIPPA violation and they could get in serious trouble for giving a minors/patient’s information to someone who is not listed as being able to receive such information. I’ve heard the rapid tests have given false results.

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They shouldn’t be giving out any information like that without your permission

Have the baby tested again and quarantine your family just in case and I’d send your oldest to his dads. As for the Doctors office I’d be raising hell! It turned out okay in your situation but what if you and your ex weren’t on good terms, if they do this to someone else it could cause major issues. They should know better period! They are trained to know better.

The clinic violated HIPPA laws. You need to file a complaint with the company that overseas the clinic. This happened to me. After leaving an abusive relationship the Drs office called my younger 2 kids sperm donor/abuser to tell him of an appt for my oldest. His father followed us there. I switched Drs & didn’t give them any info on fathers. Now I have it in our court papers that he can’t be contacted by Drs, school etc. It doesn’t seem like that’s neccesary in your case but I’d still file the grievance.

It is a Hippa violation and you have every right to be mad they made a mistake but with the best of intentions. Do what you feel is right. Isolate yourself and have another test done at the place that had a positive result bc maybe at the time the baby hadn’t completely ran the course with the virus but now they could be negative bc the passed the virus so to speak

Next time don’t put the fathers contact info down. Have the facility contact you directly.

Have the baby get retested. Maybe a false positive or results were mixed up. If the baby is in fact infected, you can treat him at home unless symptoms worsen. Take to hospital.