My baby has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming: What could be the issue?

My baby is a year old. She has been waking up at night multiple times screaming crying. I’m not sure what could be wrong with her? We do white noise. It’s not hot or too cold. She doesn’t have a temperature. She isn’t hungry and won’t take a bottle. She will just wake up screaming and crying and won’t settle down for a while and this happens 3 or more times throughout the night every night. What could be going on?


My guess is an ear infection!!

Its normal its night terrors

No food or bottle. Sure sign that they’re sick!!!

Could be night terrors. It’s common at that age due to developmental stages

Night terror. My son 4 months and nephew 7 years so the same thing

My daughter has night terrors. They are terrible. She still has them and she’s a lot older now.

This happened with my son, and they were ‘night terrors’ they are essentially ‘sleep walking’ and don’t remember the episodes when they wake up. He would cry/scream and nothing would sooth him. Simply keep him/her safe and out of harms way and wait for it to pass - as far as I knew there was no cure at the time (my boy is almost 11 now).

I have the same thing happening with my 16 month old!! I thought it was bad dreams or gas…

Teething ! Take your child to the dr to make sure there isn’t anything going on

Sounds like night terrors this is very common in children and unfortunately there is not much that can be done to stop it. With my daughter (she did this for YEARS) I would just sit next to her and try to console her and let her know that I was there and would “pet” her head till she would calm down and go back to sleep

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My guess is night terrors. All 3 of my kids had them and they each grew out of them over time. With my first it freaked me out badly and after it happened a few times her doctor told me what they were. I would suggest making her an appt and talking to her doctor about it…they can tell u if its night terrors or if something else is happening. Good luck momma

Happened to my son too. We never really found out why and sometimes he’d do it and some nights he wouldn’t. Happened for years but slowly stopped. It’s heartbreaking. Hope you can figure something out.

It’s super common for a baby that age to have night terrors. They go away on their own.

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Night terror, constipation? Teething? Thirsty? Maybe wanting to be by Mom. If not ask your physician.

Is she cutting teeth maybe?

Maybe she’s getting nightmares. My son did the same at that age, I would hold him and rock him back to sleep. He slept alot in my arms

Lots of stomach bug going around we got a three year old and she was swellen in her stomach and crying the doctor said it was has bubbles in her stomach

my little one use to get nightmares to its scary because it seems like there is nothing you can do . try just rubbing his back . its like they are still sleeping and crying so you don’t really get much out of them but they grow out of it.

Nightmares from another life😢

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