My baby is breech. Is there anything I can do?

I’m 29 weeks pregnant and my baby is breech, so I’m wondering if any other mommas had the same problem and if so, what are things I can do to help my baby turn?


You are only 29 weeks. Give it some time.

Your baby still has a little time to turn around but if not you can ask your dr for options

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You have a bit your baby could still turn around.

Still plenty of time for baby to turn

You are literally only 29 weeks dont expect them to turn right away they’ll turn alone when they’re ready. I’m 31 weeks and my baby is in the process for turning over


You still have quite a bit of time… especially if it’s your first child it’ll take til 37+ weeks for baby to turn

I had 5 kids, the last one was breech. They turned her 2 weeks before she was born by using ultrasound and pushing on my belly.

You still have 10 weeks! there’s plenty you can do. Googling about it will give you pictorial instructions. Talk to a midwife or specialized chiropractor

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Still plenty of time for your baby to turn on its own

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Get on all 4’s best way for baby to turn x

Your baby still has time to wiggle around and drop

Go to the chiropractor and have them do the Webster Technique

You have a while. I wouldn’t try and do anything on your own. You don’t know where the umbilical cord is or if you will do any damage to your baby. I would wait it out , you have time.


My baby was breach at 39 weeks. Cold peas at top heating pad at bottom.

YouTube has different stretches you can do. But your not to the cut off yet for another 7 weeks

My baby just turned at 31 weeks

The baby will turn itself closer to your due date. My son was like that even at 30 weeks even he was breech and now that I’m 37 he’s been head down since then.

My son didnt turn til 38 weeks. I remember when he did.

You still have plenty of time, definitely discuss with your doctor, sometimes they can help rotate baby or use a flashlight an it will follow it. Definitely don’t do anything without talking to your doctor just to be safe!