My backyard is being overrun by chiggers: Help?

Hello, all I need some tips or advice! Our backyard is apparently overrun by chiggers or some other kind of microscopic bug that’s eating both myself and my son alive. He’s autistic and two years old, so he loves being outside all day, and it’s good for him except for the bug bites. Our other three kids and my husband don’t have a single bite on them for some reason they only bite my son and I. My question is I can’t see any bugs so I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know how to treat them! He scratches so much to the point of bleeding; sometimes, I don’t know what to do. I can deal, but he doesn’t understand to scratch too much or to stay inside he just wants to be outside and be free I just don’t know how to protect him from all these bites he’s covered head to toe please any advice is appreciated!


You’re going to have to call a lawn specialist and fumigate asap. Then wash everything. Calamine lotion soothes bites. Try an oatmeal bath first and rub yourselves down


Call the pest control and ask questions

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get some Johnson baby lotion in the green tube that helped my son. Bugs hate it.

Home defense granules and spray. You will have to keep him indoors for a day but it is a lot cheaper than a pest control guy. As for bites rub him down with alcohol if its chiggers.

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Call pest control to spray your yard.

Vicks vapor rub seriously makes the itch go away. I googled it and yes, it’s TRUE, and it works.

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A rub down with rubbing alcohol and Vicks is what my grannie would use to deal with chigger bites when I was a little girl

I treat my yard with Sevens granules, super easy and I think it last for up to 3 months.

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Are you sure it’s something from your backyard? Bed bugs usually tend to go for the same people . And they dont always itch until the next day sometimes… it could be alot of things tbh. Scabies is where mites burrow into your skin and make you really itchy. I got them once from someone and I had scabs all over my body from itching like crazy. You can get it from others but not everyone gets it cause my daughter never did and she slept in bed with me every night but I was around this person one time with skin contact and bam got it.

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Agree check for bedbugs and scabies

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There is spray stuff for yards that kills the little buggers. Most of them you just attach to a hose and the water helps to evening distribute it. I do think you have to stay out of the yard for a day. But that’s way better than staying out of the yard all together. If you are fairly certain it is chiggers… they burrow into the skin. While it doesn’t give instant relief, if you take clear nail polish and paint over the itchy areas, it suffocates them. Oatmeal bath will help relieve the itch, while the nail polish will actually kill them. Also, maybe send him to bed with gloves or mittens on so his nails don’t add to itching until he bleeds.

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No advice…just wants to tell you…went thru the same when my daughter was 1. She had over 30 bites on her…they came from no where…and they swelled in her face and looked horrible. It was on her birthday and we think it was freshly cut grass that made them worse. Just a guess…sprayed yard and used bug spray for her.

Pest control. Maybe you can take him to the park for a couple days. A little dab of clear nail polish on each bite. It suffocates the chigger.

Diatomaceous earth kills chiggers, fleas, ticks, ants, etc… it is safe for humans and pets, too


I would use sevin dust on yard and, while I know the clear nail polish works, would try the vicks, just for sensory reasons with your child. You can rub the vick’s in but the nail polish would make me wanna pick at bites more to get polish off of me.

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Probably has to do with your blood type. We use this. …

You could use a pressure pump thing and spray the bug killer stuff in that pic everywhere over a period of time to kill all of them. Maybe some weed killer too if you have a bunch a weeds.

No advice I’m sure there are yard treatments you could do, but advice for chigger bites is calamine lotion, and the numbing spray you usually use for after giving birth (the name is escaping me atm) . I got eaten alive by chiggers one year, I’m talking over 500 bites, they went from my lower back all down the back of both legs. I was miserable, those two things are the only reason I am not covered in scars from scratching