My bonus daughters mom never sends her back in the clothes we get her: Advice?

So I have an eight-year-old bonus daughter and also children of my own. I make sure they all have nice clothes. I never send them anywhere in anything I wouldn’t wear myself in public. My bonus mom sends her over in dirty, ripped clothes. She would send her over with no jacket or shoes in the winter also. She got mad today because Her dad didn’t send her home in a specific pair of shoes that WE had bought her, claiming that she bought them. Might I add that we sent her back in the shoes she wore over from her mom’s? I sent her to school one day in a pair of brand new Adidas shoes and never seen them again for a whole year. She kept them at her house and said she bought those. Several times, she has stayed the night with us, and I would get her off to school; she would be suppose to be coming back to our house that evening. Her mom would check her out, put her in a different pair of old wore down shoes, then drop her off at my house. She bashes my husband on FB saying he does nothing for his child even though he pays child support and also takes care of her when she’s with us. I’m not trying to sound dramatic but idk what to do. It’s so aggravating to work hard to keep a child with nice clothes, for someone act this way! I’m steadily having to buy her extra clothes bc we can’t keep any at our house and I can’t really do anything about it. Any advice?!