My boyfriend added a co worker on social media who then began reacting to all of his posts: Advice?

My boyfriend added a new woman from work to his Facebook account. I happened to notice she was almost instantly liking and commenting on almost every post he had that had anything to do with a sexual innuendo. She was also sending him videos and memes in his messages that were of a sexual nature. From time to time, he would show me what she sent, but not who it was from or his reply. I mentioned several times over the course of about 3-4 months that all of this was inappropriate, and it upset me, and he would blow me off saying how he was a faithful man, and I had nothing to worry about. Finally, he posted something, and she came back with a super inappropriate comment, and that set me off. I told him that by not discouraging her and by hiding what they were saying to each other, he was cheating on me. He refused to remove this woman and, in fact, blocked me from his Facebook and his phone number because he claims I said unnecessarily hurtful things to him that had nothing to do with the argument. I have read and re-read the texts I sent, and nothing I said was untrue or exceptionally hurtful. I was hurting, and he just wanted to defend some bimbo. Was I wrong?


Oh darling, I think you already know the answer. Just runnnnnn


Uh yeah… highly inappropriate on his part. As people have said so many times, if he isn’t cheating yet he will be. If he isn’t willing to delete her and stop talking her, then he clearly made his choice.


Find a new man. He ain’t shit.


I would be very hurt if my husband did this. I say trust your intuition.


Bruh trust your gut and leave him


Nope you were not wrong, it seems like he’s hiding something and is trying to flip it on you to shift the focus of blame. That alone speaks volumes.
He should NOT be entertaining another woman like that.
Super inappropriate, also I have guy friends and would NEVER cross that line especially when they have a girlfriend or wife. Sexual comments are completely off the table. Unfortunately not all women have those morals and it doesn’t stop them.
Seems like he’s doing more to protect her feelings than yours.


I personally would have a problem with this as well because she is obviously a problem and if he wont fix the problem and get rid of her then… he’s hiding something I wouldn’t trust him and then for him to block you sounds like red flags are pointing to there is more to everything and he just doesn’t wanna get caught yet he knows hes on the verge of doing just that.


Definitely not ok!!! Your boyfriend should be supportive of your feelings.

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Have you lost your mind ??? Start whopping ppls asses !!


That’s beyond immature of him. Honestly, if he can do that to you, and he doesn’t see a problem with it, then he isn’t worth your time. You definitely don’t deserve that.


Girl leave. don’t make the mistake of sticking around.


He’s being very defensive and that’s a red flag. Who reacts by blocking his own girlfriend? That’s not cool for him to treat you like that.


Sweetheart, las has already been said… It’s not a good sign. My fiance and I have no issues leaving our phones open to each other… Not that’s its required. (my girls dad is always trying to spark overly friendly convo so I told him please feel free) but an honest and open relationship is a strong one. If it came to that… Something more is happening.

You already know what is going on and exactly what you need to do. Why do you need social media validation to tell you he is cheating on you and you need to kick his nasty, disrespectful ass to the curb. He showed you exactly how he really feels about you. Believe him. He doesn’t respect you or love you. Move on.


He’s defending her & their “friendship” for a reason… :thinking::brain:


Byeeeee. Time to move on. If you’ve talked to him about this and he sees no wrong then he’s not going to respect you or your relationship. Time to respect yourself and move on.


Nope. Nip that in the bud. Skanks like that are toxic.

Your boyfriend blocked you from his Facebook and you from calling him!? Obviously he cares more about the other girl.


He wouldn’t remove her. And he blocked you. From FB and his phone number.

Keep reading that until you leave him and find a better man!