My boyfriend all of a sudden he decided he didn't want a baby but i am pregnant: Advice?

My bf and I have a 9yr old daughter. We were not a couple in her early years of life, but we are now. We’ve been living together as a family for the past 3yrs, and all of us couldn’t be happier. Since we’ve been together (3yrs), my bf and I have been trying to have another baby. We were starting to feel like failures until it finally happened…I’m pregnant! But when I went to tell him, he freaked out. And is now questioning whether we should go thru with having the baby. I’m totally devastated. When we first got back together, it was HIM that insisted we have another baby, not me. I was very fine with just having our one child being that she’s already getting too old for any potential new child to be a real playmate for her anyways. But I did everything I could to get pregnant FOR HIM. Idk what to think now. He says I can keep the baby if I want to have it, but I know he’s not thrilled about having the baby at all. I’m heartbroken by his sudden change in heart now that I’m actually pregnant. He knows I want to keep it, and I know he doesn’t. And now we are barely speaking to each other. Idk how we can get past this…?


The cycle continues. You said in your early years you were not a couple but now you are.
Girl you were wrong to take his advice to get another .Well the child will be here so deal with it . Get your child with or without him .Let that little boy go .He is into games and you have a child on the way and a little one that needs her mom .Be the one issuing ultimatums . He can stay or go .


He probably has a lokey side chick. Too bad because the baby exist in your body. Neither of you defended yourselfs of pregnancy. Because you’re pregnant, you owe it to yourself and your kids to take care of yourself. Your daughter is old enough to help out with the baby which she’ll probably enjoy. After your husband sees that you’re moving on without him, he’ll fall in line too.


Ok so he is some one who would plan a baby, then want to kill it? That should tell you everything you need to know. I’m so sorry. What an aweful position to be put in!


You need to raise that baby with or without him. He’s acting like a child and he needs to either fall in line and act right or move the hell on. :woman_shrugging:t3: Also, side note and personal opinion, if you’re committed enough to have a baby and live together you should be committed enough to be married first.


All children are a gift. Accept your blessing and be grateful. Im sure you can’t imagine life without your daughter. You will feel the same about this LIFE TOO.


I doubt he likes you as much as you like him… Your chest pains will be forever


Enjoy your pregnancy and the new life inside of you, dont let him ruin it, if he dont like it, he can leave, his loss


You both need to be communicating & ask him what changed. He should’ve told you he was on the fence about another child so you have could taken birth control. This child IS coming & was PLANNED. The BEST blessing you could ever have is a child (as you already know). Just the 2 of you go out for dinner and talk it out like adults. A child is not an option…having sex was & you both PLANNED this.


Your baby is a blessing most try and wish they could have. Enjoy it. If he a douche drop him…do you.

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You need not listen to any of these people and do what’s best for you… Wish you the best of luck.


Its probably just panic and freaking out my husband has never been happy or excited when i first tell him i am pregnant we have been together 8 years. We are currently pregnant with our 3rd and final child and just like always he was not excited but stressed and scared but after a few weeks he always calms down he is never really excited until he can feel the kicks and bond. He is an amazing dad to all 5 of his kids he just gets scared about being a good dad and worried about providing the best life for all of them. Give him some time.

What do you want to do ? A man has no right to tell you he doesn’t want it. It’s your body. He did the deed so What ever you decide , he has no choice but to accept it and whether he chooses to stick around or not is something you’ll have to accept whatever way it goes down. Just make sure you have enough love to love that baby whether the dad is there or not

Your boyfriend is unstable and unless you have a license you are not qualified to treat him. Get him out of your life he doesn’t deserve any children. Being wishy-washy about children just isn’t an option it’s not like being unable to make up your mind over what to have for dinner. Your children come first always and they are your first priority.


Keep your baby, with or without him :heart::bangbang:

I would recommend waiting until the right time then reading your post to him. Ya gotta be honest. It’s the only way… regardless how it ends. And congrats! :heart:

Don’t put up with indecisive shit. Put that foot down, he signed up to

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Do what you feel is right. And ignore the marriage nazis. If he won’t accept the baby then that means you have a huge decision to make. It could take him a little time. Talk to him and tell him how the way he’s acting is making you feel. If he truly cares you will be able to tell then. Good luck.

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What a selfish, immature man…wow! I would get away from him and have my baby.

I was told me once don’t have a baby if you can’t take care of it yourself. She wasn’t helping me and he can up and leave whenever he wants. So if you can’t do it by yourself dont do it at all. The choice is yours. Just make sure he take care of his child since he help make it. Like Steve Harvey said if he want it or not it’s still his child so he has to take car of it. he can take care of them himself or the government will take child support.