My boyfriend and I are splitting up: Who get's the house?

Not really child-related. Just looking for some advice - things are on thin ice with my boyfriend and me. We do have a child together. We live together. I think we both want to end things, but neither of us wants to move out… so my question is … who gets to stay and who has to find a new place? … its mostly my stuff in the house, and I’m the one that brings our child to daycare and picks him up (daycare is in the same town where we live, and because of the type of work I do, I need to stay near daycare) I pay all the bills he only pays half his rent. I pay half my rent plus tv, internet, groceries anything our child needs… he makes a lot more money than I do. How do you even go about knowing who stays/who goes… we rent … we’re both on lease…


Don’t let a house make y’all stay miserable and that child see it /feel it he makes more money give him the house with all the bills and find you something cheaper


Because the child will presumably live with you after the split, you should get to stay. If he has more money he can move and find a new place. Shows he doesn’t think a lot about the child if he won’t leave xx


Who is on the lease? If you both are…if someone isn’t willing to go…there will have to be n eviction of one of you.

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IMO, if you’re (not saying you but whomever) the one that calls off the relationship officially, they should go into that prepared to be the one who moves out.


If you’re both on the lease, legally neither have an obligation to leave till the lease up or broken. If you guys decided it’s actually over, have a conversation like two adults. If the child I assume will live with you, you should get to stay with the place and he moves out.

Whoever has the main custody of the kid/kids should get to stay and the other one move out.

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Rock, paper, scissors.
Good luck :heart:


Break up with him let him stay in house just in separate room find your self a new man have him start coming around the x will eventually leave on his own.


Need an art and bring this matter before the Court

Girl. Kick his butt to the curb. He is not paying his fair share of utilities or anything for his child. Tell him to pack his stuff and leave. But legally speaking both of you have a right to the place. Can you afford to pay his half of the rent with all the other bills?

I said need an attorney and bring this matter before the court

He should let you have the house so you and the child have a safe place to live. You shouldn’t have to struggle finding a new place esp if you pay majority of the bills.

If your not married but you have a joint child. Than the non-custodial parent needs to pay child support.

I would say whoever has family or friends near by that will let that person stay until they find their own place. My boyfriend and I live together as well, but if we were to ever break up, he would move out only because he has family close to us that he could stay with and I don’t. It wouldn’t be fair to kick either one out if they don’t have a place to go.

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U should get the house especially if u already cover most of the bills,if u are able to afford it and ur son will continue to stay with u then there’s no need to move him from his home if u dont need to,if he makes more money then it shouldn’t be a problem for him to find something else

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Well who ever will have custody of the child should stay. But in fairness y’all should be talking if u both aren’t happy it should be a conversation not a fight. I’d start there. But in the end u should try and talk like adults for your child. Or work out a roommate system with rules. Me and my ex do that he won’t introduce our children to anyone unless it is serious about a year together. I did that with my bf and we now 3 years in and keep kickin the idea of living together around🤷🏻‍♀️ but it’s a respect thing .

Court decides this. U can evict him. But just like landlord and tenant. U need a reason. Good luck. This is a tough one


You would get it since you pay for it

I mean if you can afford it by yourself keep it. If not let him have it.