My boyfriend and I are thinking of having a baby: When is it the right time?

My boyfriend and I have been together for some years now; we have a four-year-old daughter together. He has wanted a second child for some time now, and I’ve had second thoughts because I didn’t think we were ready, we still don’t have our own place yet, plus I want to go back to school, and I really don’t want to go to school pregnant again since I was when I was first pregnant. Also, the program I want to study is only nine months, and we talked about it; and I do want another baby, but I’m just not sure. Any thoughts, I would really appreciate it. Thanks


Wait until you’re sure


You’ve established that yes. You want a baby. Ok great! Now… You’ve also established that you want to go to school and what not… So… First thing you need to do is set up a time line so you’re both on the same page. Enroll in school. Do what you need to do to meet your conditions. Then… Get your own place. I don’t recommend having a second without your own place to live. It’s not in any way convenient for anyone involved. And don’t start trying or preventing pregnancy until you’ve done those things (just suggestions by the way )

Wait , for if y’all been together for sometime now what’s he waiting on from going from boy friend to husband ? Finish your school being it’s only 9 months and decide from there


Dont… Go to school, do your internship, get a job and give it a year of employment. You will literally not be able to get anywhere if u decide on having another kid right now. You have a goal in mind. Follow thru with it.


When in doubt… don’t


Your body, your rules

If it was me, I would choose the baby over going to school any day.


Go to school and then see if you still want another child, or get some experience in your trade. Just so you can have a job once the new baby is old enough

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Get the education then house…stash some cash together and your own stash then maybe baby

Get your own place, do what you want in school and then have another . If you have another first it only delays everything else


If you need to ask strangers, you are not ready.

Your body your choice. Tell him what you have asked us.

Could the same reason you haven’t started school yet be the same reason you’re not ready for baby 2? It’s okay to not be ready. It is mature to wait until you are!

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If u dont know then its not. Get married first and go to school.


Thing is , most people are never really ready , regardless of when they have children .
Many factors to consider ,
How much do you really want another child ?
Do you want them both being raised almost as an only child - this can happen if the age gap is too big .
You could fall pregnant as soon as you start trying - or it could take years .

If you want to go back to school badly enough , you will find a way to do so., even with another child .
When you say you don’t have your own place do you mean that you are living with other people.or renting on your own - but not bought your own place .
You could agree to wait untill you were say half way through your course & start trying then .
Regardless of any one elses opinions the decision is that of you & your partner .

You don’t have your own place as in you are just renting or you are living with family?

Get your own place, go to school and tell him to marry you before having another. At least get your own place and do school


Do the school n secure financial stability for u. Your child then have a baby.It will only be a while 9 mos school then 8 mos after that pregnant in to days times we need good jobs n stability.Your children deserve it what if ur man leaves or so sudden dies u want to be able to raise the kidsschhol 1st

Tell him to marry you before asking for another child

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