My boyfriend and I broke up: Advice?

Fan advice: me and my daughters father ( 10 months old just broke up ) like a week and a half ago…I’ve been staying at my grandmothers…we were dating for a little over two years and Idk what to do…like some times he will pull me closer like talk to me and stuff then like other days he doesn’t wanna talk only about our daughter…he lets his other kids FaceTime their mom. I’m confused like I feel like he’s just playing games with my head. Like sometimes I wanna call him so bad cause I feel like he’s talking to another girl like their mom…Idk what’s wrong with me and IDK how to keep myself from calling him. He has a friend and the girlfriend over there to help watch his other two kids when he has a tow call, so he is distracted from like blowing me up. I just don’t know what to do. When I have the baby who is most the time cause he’s always on the call, he doesn’t want me to take her around like anyone, so he just expects me to sit at my grandma’s. He got mad cause I said I might move with my mom close to Westernport, and he’s saying the baby isn’t going. Like I feel like he’s just messing with my head. I’ve always broken up with him, and now it’s like he wants me to get a taste of my own medicine…Idk how to stop calling and just leave him alone and see what happens… I just can’t get over the fact that I’m scared he will get with someone else… help me


Girl. Just go live with your mom, get a restraining order if you need to. Kick this dude to the curb and leave him there.


I would tell you to just move on, but I know it’s not that easy.
If you truly want him back, you’re gonna have to be strong & act like you don’t care.

He has no say. You split up, you have your life, he has his. I would also get a custody order.


First off you sound really young. You can’t let him control you. Y’all aren’t together so put your big girl pants on and do what you need to do for YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER. If he wants to be stupid go get a custody order.


How old are you guys? Like, like, like​:skull::skull: I read that word way too many times. You guys broke up. Talk about the child only. That should be the only priority. No reason to blow each other up if you guys aren’t together.


Like any bad habit, it takes time and effort. You have to have the discipline to not communicate. Worry about you and your baby and that’s all. Even if you have to live with a family member for a while, do what you have to. Give your family member your phone!!! If it’s that important, they can communicate with your ex regarding your child. Doesn’t sound like the relationship is healthy anyways.


Honestly, you sound like your not done and you two need to talk to see where your relationship stands. If you love him and he loves you then true communication skills should resolve the issue. I worked my relationship out because we were so miserable during our separation. But we are married. You still have the option to walk away or if you want the relationship than remember communication and mutual respect. To pass time focus on your grandma and daughter. Go find a hobby. Cry when you need too but remember as a parent we just gotta get back up. Don’t stay down too long.

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He’s so playing you :joy::joy::joy:

He wants his cake ( to be single and bang any chick he wants) BUT he also wants you over there in the shadows waiting WHILE he dictates your every.single.move.

Like…please have more brains then this.


Why would you be mad that when he calls/texts sometimes he only wants to ask about y’all’s daughter. Be happy that he still cares enough about her to ask about her. And what’s wrong with allowing his other kids to FaceTime with their mom? That’s their mom. Is he talking to her because he’s got kids with her and they communicate? It sounds like you’re mad jealous.


It appears you did not do well at picking a partner. Also, he’s not that into you. It is time to stop calling him and go live your life. Go get a custody order and move on as best you can.


Is on your child birth cetfactie and if hes not he dont have rights to her you do

I think you are letting him control you and play mind games.
Don’t tell him your business. Don’t be a plaything for him to work mind games with.
Create a life for your daughter and have self respect for yourself and don’t get it from a sperm donor.
Block him on social media and all his friends and only communicate if you must about your child.


Find a man that furnishes you a place to stay

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How old are y’all?
You have a 10 month old and you’re worried about head games with your ex?
How about be single, raise your kid, and learn how to co parent.


I’m sure you can do better than him. And it’s OK to be alone too.


I was like this when I was 18.
Breaking up with someone means you’re done with them romantically. You can’t do this wishy washy crap.
You have a kid and should be focusing on that. I’m going to take a guess here and assume he’s quite a bit older than you? He’s screwing with you honestly.
Boy bye.

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You sound like you’re in high school.:grimacing: Be a woman and stop worrying about a sperm donor. Worry about your kid only.


Honey, you must be young. You need to stay strong, do not call him unless it has to do with your child. Distract yourself, go to lunch with your child and friends and if he says something, act unbothered. Tell him you are single and can do whatever you want ! Do not take your child around dates immediately. Time does heal all wounds.


Be more focused on your daughter than him. She needs stability. Co parent and be respectful of each other. And if you’ve broken up he is free to do what he wants, and in my opinion once you break up that “what if he/ she did this” will always be in the back of your head. Focus on you and the little one!