My boyfriend and I's kids do not get along: Advice?

Sounds pretty normal. Hugs

Make sure you two agree on discipline and stick together on it. Make sure the kids know you love them but two are a team…and no matter what they all get the same treatment…I grew up in a family with my step dad and blended kids…my parents did the opposite… and it drove them appart. Be a team and support eachother.

Lol they’re kids, kids fight and argue. If they can’t get along send them to their rooms

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Move out and take your kids with you! I went through the same thing, except my partners younger son was just a plain b…! It worked well we are still together 8 years later and we share 2 kids together, was glad when the younger one left his fathers life thanks to his mother! :pray:t2::love_you_gesture:t2:

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Normal sibling stuff especially at that age. Let them battle it out don’t get involved unless anyone is bleeding. Just yell at them to be quiet Works for our 3 girls :rofl:


Siblings will fight. You and your bf need to find a way to come together and example compromise.
Start family meetings where once a wk you sitdwn to food a snack or just in your living rm and talk. Set rules as no one interrupts each other as they speak, no fighting allowed and they have to say something … At first mine didn’t want to talk but if they just talked abt any old thing then they’d start to open up.
You could try to do a puzzle together while your listening.
And everyone has a chance to be heard- even mom n dad- then you all wrkout compromise… Or w.e. you guys have to settle.

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Take the electronics away
Give extra chores
No dessert
No Christmas presents
Believe me that will motivate them to get along … it will take months for change if u cave.
Work on not talking bout problems when it’s just the two of u. being a parent shouldn’t consume ur every thought
Spend one on one time with ur bf
Eat dessert infront of kids
Kids act up on purpose and they will continue to not see their fault if there isn’t any consequences. and they take every ounce of energy if u allow them to do so.
Put them to bed early
Focus on eachother. It works. I’ve been there.


Family group counseling. A safe place to actually say what is wrong instead of just being mean and spiteful towards each other. They probably have mixed feelings and emotions and not sure how to express them


My kids are 2 and 5 and they are constantly fighting, that they make me want to run out the door lol but they’re kids , just let them be… unless it gets serious then get involve until then just ignore them and they’ll eventually stop


Same lol. Blended families are hard for real. Remember, when they are gone it’ll just be yall two. Yal just gotta make it till then


If I could help, I would! lol I’ve got two that’s 8 years apart. They’re both mine, and they’re adults now. No matter how long they’re apart, after a few days together, they still argue just as they did when they were younger! The problem with it, my oldest has always talked to her sister as if she was her mom. My youngest can’t stand it. No matter how many times I asked my oldest not to do so, it don’t do no good.


I have a friend, Laura Del Grosso Petherbridge, she has written books and given seminars from “The Smart Stepmom”. Try looking her up. Good luck!

This is N.O.R.M.A.L as long as discipline is equal and parents are on the same level itll be okay. (Oldest of 4 with mom and 5 with dad, also parent of 1 daughter and a bonus daughter)

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Ummm I come from a family if 8, same mom and dad… we didn’t give a dam we were full blood/related, we still DIDN’T get along! Stop blaming his kids! Kids don’t give a dam! They gonna fight regardless of they came from your vagina or not lady.


My kids fight alot I try to keep them seperated an have their own space when they start fighting give them their tablets an call it a day.

You need to realize the child may be rebellion because his father has two kids with him and he’s now the outsider. You have to make him feel like that is his home just as much. His space his bed and clothes. Decorate the room to his likes so he knows that is his home too.

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I raised 4 boys and 2 girls. Some I made, some I didn’t. They ALL fought each other at one time or another. It is normal for kids to fight. Unless it comes to blows, let them figure it out. Don’t play the his or mine game. They are ALL kids being kids.


Whenever my boyfriend brings his 5year old son for weekends… Him and my also 5year old daughter fight like cat and dog all day long!
But when they are apart they are always asking for the other one… Right now my daughter keeps asking me when he’s coming over and she promises not to fight… But they still do anyway…

Kids fight whether they are blood related or not. You probably wouldn’t be ruining your relationship if they were all both of your natural born children. Parents may need counseling. Kids sound normal.


Maybe u can try family counseling