My boyfriend claims I don't make time for him anymore: What should I do?

So I’ve been feeling down a lot lately. I’ve been working, being a full time mom, and even going to school to finish for my babygirl. Yet my boyfriend really being distant. Like today after work, I literally just pulled up and wasn’t even out the car, and he was at the door talking about “take your daughter because she hasn’t stopped crying since you left.” I looked at my daughter, and she gave me a funny look but didn’t look like she was crying. She is laughing at me and pulling my hair like always to say hi. I walk in, and I looked at the tv and fornite was up, I’m honestly sick of that game because I genuinely don’t get the game. Then he goes on to tell me about yet saying, “ listen, I know you don’t care but look.” Yet I’m trying to talk to him about the baby and blows it off. So I went and gave the baby a bath, and put her to sleep, went to the kitchen to start up on homework, and still bothered by him for not telling me what’s going. About 10 mins later, he comes up while I’m taking a test trying to get me in the mood for sex. I blew him off and told him I ain’t in the mood and that I’m taking a test. He yelled at me, saying I never make time for him. Yet no matter how many times I tell him it’s the other way around, he won’t listen. There are moments I just want his attention, but he gives it to something, especially now that fornite is back up. When I asked him if someone else caught his interest, he got mad and called me stupid to ever think that. But I’m clueless on what to do with him.


Screw that controlling manipulative s*** leave. the only person in this world you need to make time for his your kid.


I wouldn’t trust him around my kid after that comment. That’s just me though.


Cause the thing is…he chose you. And choosing you chooses her. If he just sits on his ass all day…what type of “man” is he? :speak_no_evil:

First of all,your working,school and family are all your priority…But his as well,does he work?

The game addictions are way beyond my understanding!! It’s hard being a person pulled in so many directions. Does he work?


It seems like all men that I know, once fortnite is on you can forget about any communication until they are bored with it


Sounds like you BOTH need to find time for each other. Set aside a date night in.


Maybe try to make 1 night a date night,1-2 hours for just you 2,no work,school,or games,it should be quality time to reconnect,no outside influence.And remember your health and needs count,sounds like you guys really need to talk and listen big time,if you truly want it to work.Good luck


Usually when a guy gets defensive he’s hiding something. When you have time y’all need to sit down and talk about things. Wanting alone time while doing school work isn’t the right time. Explain that. Guys aren’t smart when it comes to subtle hints. Spell it out.

Also to the people who are asking if he works…what happened to it’s okay to be a sahm…it’s cheaper than child care…blah blah blah or does that go out the window when it’s the dad.

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SOUNDS LIKE HES AN ASS FOR WANTING TO GET OFF WHEN ITS ONLY CONVENIENT FOR HIM. And for anyone saying she has to make time for him i wanna know what he does all day while she fucking works and goes to school BESIDES caring for her daughter. Its clear hes annoyed with the child, which means baby probably isnt his and he doesnt have time or patience to care for her.

You deserve a better partner who wont expect you to spread yourself out so thin that you dont want sex or attention. Hes a child. Period.

Does he work? Sounds like your doing everything INCLUDING work! Maybe if he got a job and let you finish school you’d both have more time for each other but he also sounds like a jerk so… 🤷

Your children are more important. Take care of them, do ur homework, try to get ahead. U need to take care of yourself. If can’t see u have a lot on ur plate. Then, kick him to the curb. He’s selfish


Take a pair of scissors, & cut the game system cord. Problem solved. Bc I’ll put money on it ur daughter ISNT being properly cared for in his care bc hes still a child and thinks video games are still okay to play all day everyday when ur a parent. That’s the problem right there. And he can always buy a new cord…after he gets done crying.


It hard when your busy…my husband (stepdad) and I are going through really hard times right now due to my 15yr old daughter making wrong choices. We have to find each other on weekends or early morning before work. You have to find time somewhere for both of you. Even if ots just for an hr or two.

Yust leave no matter how hard it is u will be happy again and find some one who treuly loves you :hugs::hugs:

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I’m a stay at home mom aaaaaand it gets pretty lonely lol. I don’t know what everyone else here is talking about. Yeah when my husband walks through the door I’m like here are the children, I’m losing my mind :joy:. And he’s distracting himself playing the video game because you’re busy. My husband is in school so I just get on Facebook or something to distract myself while he’s busy


Try sitting down with him after the baby is in bed and the tv and video game is off. Ask him why he thinks you don’t give him any attention or time and actively listen to him. Don’t defend yourself, just listen. Ask him what attention and time look like to him ( you might think you are giving it but he might need it on a different level and you aren’t meeting that expectation). Then tell him what you need from him to be able to free up more of your time to give to him. Then have that exact conversation with him about you needing time and affection also and how you need it. As far as fortnite goes, he may have an actual problem. The developers of fortnite are being sued right now because they specifically hired people not make the game more addicting. That’s not at all an excuse, just saying that that may be what’s going on there.

Dump the boy and find a man.