My boyfriend constantly brags about another girls cooking: Thoughts?

My boyfriend of four months has an apartment together with his brother and his brother’s wife. She does all the cooking. He constantly brags to me about what she cooks for dinner and how good it is. When he comes over to my place, I cook for him, and he says he likes my food. However, even when he’s with me for a few days, he makes comments like, “man, I can’t wait to go home and have dinner; I been missing out.” I find it really offensive. I feed him good at my place, yet he still says he’s missing out from the cooked meals at his place. It kinda hurts my feelings hearing how much he brags about another woman’s cooking. And the fact that another woman cooks so often for him kinda bothers me. Would you feel some type of way about this? or am I just being sensitive?