My boyfriend constantly brags about another womans cooking: Am I being sensitive?

My boyfriend of four months has an apartment together with his brother and his brother’s wife. She does all the cooking. He constantly brags to me about what she cooks for dinner and how good it is. When he comes over to my place, I cook for him, and he says he likes my food. However, even when he’s with me for a few days, he makes comments like, “man, I can’t wait to go home and have dinner; I been missing out.” I find it really offensive. I feed him good at my place, yet he still says he’s missing out from the cooked meals at his place. It kinda hurts my feelings hearing how much he brags about another woman’s cooking. And the fact that another woman cooks so often for him kinda bothers me. Would you feel some type of way about this? or am I just being sensitive?


Maybe her cooking is better?


I would tell him to bring some home for me too


I mean usually in these dynamics the wife of a brother is like a sister . But i would be offended to . But I also don’t think he means it disrespectfully . He is Probably dependent on others. He needs to be more independent that’s the issue

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Make him hot pockets and tell him to be grateful


Don’t waste your time cooking if he’s missing her cooking anyways make him sandwiches or bowls of cereal 🤷


Sounds like he’s testing you or pushing you to do what he don’t have the balls to do. Break up with him cuz he’s crushing on his brothers girl and using you as a cover🤷

Maybe have a conversation as to why he likes his sister(in laws) cooking and then apply it to your cooking. Make it a learning experience.


I’d only feed him microwaveable stuff and canned stuff from now on.


Maybe you can’t cook :woman_shrugging:t4:


I wouldn’t be annoyed she cooks but I would be annoyed he says all the time hers is better or can’t wait to get home to it. I’d just say look If you don’t like my cooking then you can cook :woman_shrugging:t3:


Hand him an apron, see if his cooking is as good as yours or hers…


I used to brag about my sisters cooking! We ate together several times a week, and it was great! She knew how to make things that I didn’t, and inspired me to become a better cook when I moved away. Go eat with them, expand on meal ideas! It sounds like you are envious of her cooking, so learn! I love when people want me to teach them how to cook! (I had girls come learn to bake bread a few weeks ago.)


See what her cooking is like. Maybe she could be a chef. However it’s his sister in law. I don’t think you should be worried. If your food is the same as hers but he likes it more then maybe be butt hurt but she might be a better cook so id taste the food.


Tell him to go home and eat.

The other woman cooking for him is nothing, she’s cooking for her family and he happens to be there. You’re just worked up over the other thing to see clearly.
You are, however, completely in the right to be upset over him saying he’s, “missing out”. That’s super rude to you.

Edit to add: Stop cooking for him.


You’re being too sensitive.


You’re being over sensitive. Since he lives at his brother’s house then of course his sister in law is going to be doing a lot of cooking for him. It wouldn’t be right to cook for her husband and not him. Maybe call her and get some of her recipes and surprise him.


Maybe she’s just a better cook?


I’d honestly take offense but I’d then ask if she could teach me a few tricks.

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